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    diamonds sale process on this site

    Neil, I didn't take your comments as disparaging at all. :-) Actually, some dealers don't pay and still get their inventory displayed. There is an exception to our pricing structure that allows those with small personal inventories to display them at no charge. A small handful of dealers post their inventories this way (I wish more took me up on this offer!) I agree there's nothing wrong with advertising, if done in a tasteful and unobtrusive way. But I think we'll have to "agree to disagree" on the nomenclature and precise definition of the word "advertising"! :-) A parting thought... if you look at this forum page, you will notice no advertising at all. I believe Diamond Review is the only diamond forum on the internet that can make that claim. I like having all the individuals on this forum, yourself included, be able to express themselves without having paid advertisements (perhaps from your competitors) running right next to your contributions. Thanks again for the compliments, and most of all, for your continued very positive contributions to the Forum this year. You and a handful of others make a huge difference here, and it is time I formally thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Enjoy the rest of the holidays, and have a happy 2006! Hermann
  2. hermann

    diamonds sale process on this site

    Hi Vitaliy, Thanks for your compliments! Just a clarification on how things work around here: Various dealers post their inventories here and they pay a monthly fee for the right to do so. We do have a proprietary API that is only available to dealers after they have proven to us that they are truly members of the jewelry industry. They prove this to us by sending in copies of their education credentials, invoices to show that they have purchased goods from major recognized manufacturers, etc. While Neil calls the uploading of inventories "advertisements" I don't think that's an accurate word for what we do, as the dealers don't get to choose how the inventory is presented or when -- that is totally in the hands of the consumer -- and there is no promotional text or graphics allowed in that area other than the vendor's logo. Furthermore, you may notice that there are no banners ads or text ads anywhere on this site (of course I may change this in the future, but it's not currently planned anytime soon). Congrats on your purchase, and thanks again for using DIAMOND.INFO! Be sure to tell all your friends :-) Hermann
  3. hermann

    new guy

    Agreed as well. Thanks for the feedback, I'll put this on the top of the list. Hey, at least we're getting much less of the "how can I tell fake from real" question! Hermann
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    How to validate

    No, you're not a "Verified Jeweler". But dang it, there really ought to be a "Verified Appraiser". We've talked about this before and really should get on the ball and do it!
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    new guy

    To be listed in the online jeweler list, a jeweler must first be a "Verified Jeweler". In order to be a "Verified Jeweler", I verify their credentials which includes 1) a real business address, 2) credit rating and complaints by looking at JBT, 3) educational credentials (GIA diploma, etc.), 4) proof that they're actually in business by looking at a sample of their purchases from known wholesalers, and 5) sample receipts to actual customers which must indicate a statement addressing the "conflict diamonds"/Kimberley requirements in addition to some form of return policy. Of course, these steps do not guarantee that a given jeweler is "reputable", but it certainly does help.
  6. hermann

    How to validate

    I'll contact you via email. The fax steps are not required for regular users, but only required if you want to be independently verified as a real, actual jeweler (like Megan from DiamondIdeals). All I do is review your credentials as a jeweler (education credentials, etc.) and then give your account the "Verified Jeweler" stamp, so that consumers have some reassurance that people who post as jewelers are actually real jewelers.
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    Is this a good Price?

    Certified, The first item that appears under the froogle link you posted on this thread and in another thread happen to be offered by diamondgifts.com. We've discussed this privately before. For the benefit of our readership, can you publicly settle, once and for all, whether you have a commercial association with this website? As you see by the others that post here, we greatly encourage participation by members of the trade!! -- with the caveat that you properly identify yourself and any commercial associations. There's more useful info about this policy here: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?act=boardrules Thank you for your participation and cooperation.
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    fake or real

    This is a commonly asked question - please refer to this link for a detailed answer: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=1443
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    Is this a good princess cut diamond?

    Small world, eh? Gotta love the internet...
  10. hermann

    Selling A Diamond

    The following thread in the FAQ section will prove helpful: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=1528
  11. Ok, so everyone by now has noticed that each member of this forum gets a "Title" based on how many posts they have made. Currently, the 3 titles are: 1. New Member 2. Member (granted after 10 posts) 3. Advanced Member (granted after 30 posts) YAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boring!!! Any suggestions or ideas on new names????
  12. hermann

    Is this a Current Report on the diamond search

    The prices are updated daily, and reflects diamonds that are actually for sale.
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    diamond are mentioned in which curency

    Hi Barry, welcome back... long time no see
  14. hermann

    glowing diamond

    Fluorescence (glowing under a black light) is normal in real diamonds. Please refer to the following FAQ for more information: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=1364
  15. hermann

    diamond are mentioned in which curency

    If you're referring to the pricing database on this website, they are in US Dollars.
  16. hermann

    how can I tell if diamonds are real or cz

  17. hermann

    i found a rock

    Please refer to the FAQ section for information on how to tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake one. http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=1443
  18. hermann

    diamond or not

    I followed your suggestion and did this. I tried to keep it short and to the point, let me know if I missed anything important.
  19. hermann

    diamond or not

    All good suggestions, Neil. I decided to re-organize the forums and add a FAQ forum, polls are gone too. Let me know what you think. Many of the suggestions you made will take a little more time but will be done soon, particularly relocating the Search box. Whoever designed this forum software made some egregious User Interface mistakes! But never fear, we will correct them soon.
  20. hermann

    diamond or not

    You are right of course, but one of the considerations I need to weigh is the interest in drawing visitors to participate in the forum by making it very easy to ask questions. We have a significant level of traffic -- "lurkers" -- in our forum, but not as much discussion as I would like or that I think would be indicative of the level of traffic we get. I've had several 1-on-1 exchanges with our visitors, and the #1 raised hurdle to making that first post is the fear of asking a "stupid question" or saying something "stupid". That same group of people also tells me that they benefit tremendously from the interaction & responses they get here, so participation is in their own best interest, once they get over the hurdle of making that first post. Granted, the "how can I tell if this diamond is real" question is getting quite old! Any suggestions on how to balance the desire to draw visitors into active discussion and at the same time stem the flow of repeated questions?
  21. hermann

    diamond or not

    This question has been asked numerous times. I suggest you do a "search" (look near the bottom of the screen) and you will find many excellent answers!
  22. hermann

    AIG Appraisal?

    Note to all members: TonyB has been banned from this website for posting a testimonial while having an obvious affiliation to and likely being an agent/employee of Diamond.com (as evidenced by his signature, which is also not allowed per our forum rules). The false testimonial can be seen at: http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=1879
  23. Note to all members: TonyB has been banned from this website for posting a testimonial while having an obvious affiliation to and likely being an agent/employee of Diamond.com (as evidenced by his signature, which is also not allowed per our forum rules).
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    Any pictures would help!

    > I tried to include the above picture on this post but > failed. If anybody can give me technical help for the > next time, I'd appreciate it When you post your message, look for an option labeled "File Attachments". It's directly below all the smiley faces. To use it, simply click on the "Browse" button -- a window should pop up to let you navigate your local disk and select the picture you wish to include in your message. Select the picture, and that should do it!