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  1. @davidelevi Are you fine with the inclusions Diamond B has? Will it be visible? Also, does it affect the sparkle over time?
  2. One of designs of the jeweler has a very similar shank but he will need to add the halo and adjust it. How much should I try to get it to lower down to? I also tried some local jeweler(https://goo.gl/maps/tnffBT7Kj2Fco6zK6 ), he said he can do it for $3500
  3. For sure, will keep you posted. Thanks soooo much!!
  4. How long is a piece of string? Not sure about the length I already checked this specific one at the Blue nile store and didn't like it coz it's high setting and hallo is below the diamond instead being at the same level as of the center stone. I contacted one of these guys for it. 1. What do you think would be a good price for the setting to pay them? 2. Is there anything you would suggest I should make it clear with the jeweler or I should be careful about Some important ones: 1. How close can the design be to your example, and how important are small deviations for e.g. durability or ease of fabrication - or simply availability in your desired materials? Yes, Jeweler is gonna send me a pic of the product before working on it 2. How important is the finish and attention to detail vs. the price? An 'industrial scale' semi-mount can be a lot cheaper, but it won't be made with the same care or to the same standard as something from a top platinum smith. It's important to me for ring to look amazing as in the picture 3. Then again, it will be made consistently to a commercially acceptable quality... whereas individual artisans vary enormously in their skill and experience at making jewellery. Going 'cheap' is often a very expensive road to remaking the object. agree 4. How much time do you have? Good craftsmen(women) are typically busy, and it could take a few months before your ring is ready, vs. a couple of weeks to order and set a standard design. Time shouldn't the issue, I've almost 2 months
  5. Can't thank you enough for your detailed responses!! Have an awesome one
  6. Also, do you think the price around $10.5K is good for these? Regarding James Allen, should I ask to negotiate to $10k or $10.25k? (the one you see the diamond is worth for and mostly gonna work)
  7. There are H&A viewer here https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/1.24-carat-h-color-vvs2-clarity-true-hearts-cut-sku-13250004 \ Appreciate your detailed response, learned a few things today
  8. Prices Diamond A: $10,250 Diamond B: $10,760
  9. 1. Also, Hearts and Arrows are very distinct in B, that makes it a great diamond, correct? (is that what you mean by contrast?) whereas A does not have very distinct Hearts and Arrows 2. When you say "proportions that are less appealing to me" regarding A, is that because the table is 58% and crown angle is 36 here are my notes for a brilliant diamond: The ideal range for a girdle is Medium - Slightly Thick Table should be between 54-57% Depth between 59.3-62.5% Crown angle between 33-36' Pavilion angle between 40.6-41' Depth to be greater than the table I would appreciate if there is something more I can add to my list. Thanks so much!
  10. Appreciate your reply, I would love to know the reason why you picked B for my learning purposes since I've been doing a lot of research about the diamonds in last six months so wanna see if something new I can learn.
  11. Looking for a great diamond with budget of $10.5K. Please let me know which one is better and why? Thanks. Diamond A: https://v360.in/v360studio/vision360.html?d=80-LH-6392646179 Diamond B: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/1.24-carat-h-color-vvs2-clarity-true-hearts-cut-sku-13250004
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