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  1. This is very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Thank you, DavidELevi, for your kind reply and insight. Can you tell me a little bit more about a standard casting vs. a custom setting? There is definitely a difference between the martini settings at Tiffany and at James Allen. Is that likely the difference I am observing? Since 99 percent of the cost of a pair of large studs is in the stones, I hate to pay Tiffany prices just to get a nice setting.
  3. I need help finding the best martini setting for a large pair (about 5ctw) pair of stud earrings. I understand that some online sellers offer a standard and somewhat unstable martini setting, while others offer a handmade, modified martini setting with a more stable base that can help to reduce droop. Is my understanding correct? Can members of the community provide guidance? What if the setting I prefer is not offered by the merchant with the diamonds I prefer? Thank you for your kind assistance.
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