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  1. Any opinions on yg vs wg prongs? (With an F colored stone) My girlfriend LOVES yg, but I’m concerned yg prongs will distract from the F color of the stone, make it look yellow etc which I want to avoid since I’m going with a colorless stone. It will be a 3-stone ring like the below examples - Oval center and pear sides. Any truth to the fact that yg prongs make the stone look more yellow? Or any thoughts on if a two-tone setting with a gold shank and wg prongs is subtle enough for a yg lover? Since it’s a 3-stone ring, even with just wg prongs it seems like a lot of wg. Yg and a two-tone examples below that are similar to the ering I’m going with
  2. Thank you David that is extremely helpful. Both diamonds are GIA certified, so all good on that front. I will try to add the reports, but both stones got excellent polish, and the 1.51 got excellent symmetry, the 1.2 was very good FWIW these would be going into a 3stone ring with pear sides (~.48ct total weight). I was quoted 12,900 for the 1.2 center and 14,750 for the 1.51. Seems a little on the high side, but it’s from a small local boutique jeweler, where if the ring needs to be remade in another color metal, designs changed etc they do it free of charge. Nice to have that peace of mind as I have a really good idea what my GF wants, but this offers flexibility. Here’s one video of the 1.51 by itself in natural light: https://youtube.com/shorts/7HLtiVsfLsY?feature=share Here’s on more comparing the two under shop lights: https://youtube.com/shorts/ZBxchlljIPg?feature=share Seems like for $1700 more it’s not too bad to upgrade to the 1.51 as everything outside of girdle size is looking good. I guess I’m just torn on if I should keep looking for something that ‘shows it’s weight’ a little more.
  3. Link to the video comparison: https://podium-messenger-attachments.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/conversation-296170809/01f58683-4fac-4c32-9d04-22db7102f7e7.video/quicktime
  4. I’m so confused on how much Girdle size really matters in diamond quality, specifically in Ovals. I’ve been looking at a 1.2ct compared to a 1.51ct. The 1.2 has a medium to thick girtle rating versus the 1.51 has very thick to extremely thick rating. I was all set to move forward with the 1.51 as everything else about it the stone seems great, and I was willing to pay the extra $1800 to hit that larger 1.5 mark, but now I’m second guessing as I hadn’t considered girdle at all until it recently popped up in a few searches. Here are the other specs: 1.2ct is 8.19 x 5.96 x 3.75 - 1.37ratio - F VS2 with 63% table and 63% depth1.51ct is 8.37 x 6.32 x 4.20 - 1.32ratio - F SI1 with 56% table and 66.5% depth Is the extra girdle thickness of the 1.51 a bad thing? Does the 1.2 appear close to the same size because it’s not hiding the weight in the thickness like the 1.51? Would love any feedback or help on this. video comparison (1.51 on bottom)
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