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  1. I did find another photo from a different day with this reddish spot again. I will get the ring appraised to find out for sure what’s going on with it. Do appraisals void warranties? I asked the customer service representative that I’ve been corresponding with about my ring if the diamond was fracture filled and she said no. If it comes back from the appraiser that it was fracture filled, I will be back here for more advice as I have no idea how to proceed from there. Thanks again for all of your guidance here. I truly appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for this advice. I’m in Yorktown, VA. What is this pinkish brown spot that’s circled? This is a photo from before I noticed a change.
  3. Thanks David. I really do appreciate your advice and opinion on this
  4. It’s always been cleaned and repaired by the original seller so that shouldn’t be an issue. I was just curious if it’s even possible to fill again. I just feel like I’m at a dead end road. It’s clear in the pictures that the color/clarity is different, and I’m desperate to get my diamond looking like it did in the top photo again.
  5. Ok. So if the filling did happen to fail, is it possible to fill again? And if so, do you think this is something that would be covered under my warranty?
  6. Well this gives me hope then. So would twisting the setting make the clarity/color look different?
  7. I’ll have to ask my fiancé about the grading report. But no ultra sonic cleaner. My finger was swollen from a surgery I had so the ring was stuck on my finger. It took a good amount of effort to get it off. It was once I put the ring back on after that that it looked different. I was wondering if maybe I pushed the diamond down on the right side, making it crooked in the setting, if maybe that would make the color look off. Or maybe I pushed too hard on the left side of the diamond where it’s weaker from the surface inclusion and it maybe spidered.
  8. So something changed with my diamond. The best way I can describe the change is that it was like a light bulb burned out in my diamond. It just wasn’t glowing like it did before. In the first photo from 8/31, you can see my diamond before it changed. In the second photo from 9/25 you can see it after. Is there new damage? I was told there wasn’t. I did notice that the diamond was not centered in the setting.
  9. Yes, absolutely, the ring needed cleaned in this photo. The inclusion that I’m talking about is that whole lightened chunk that’s under the prong. Maybe that’s not considered an inclusion but rather a crack. I was just wondering how that prominent feature might reflect and refract the color of the prong.
  10. In the photo, under the bottom right prong, you can see my side inclusion. I had the prongs tightened and the diamond was rotated to this position. Before I had it worked on, this inclusion was facing the band and not under a prong. The diamond just doesn’t shine like it used to. Would having this inclusion tucked up under the prong be reflecting/refracting (not sure which) the color of the prong, giving the diamond a darker color?
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