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  1. Thanks so much, these responses have been super helpful! Question, any views on Brian Gavin´s signature emerald cut? Just stumbled on it while doing some additional research. https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/brian-gavins-emerald-cut-diamonds/
  2. Good evening, It‘s been seven years since my engagement / wedding and this forum had been incredibly helpful in educating me how to buy a great solitaire engagement ring. I went with a round diamond with a hearts & arrows cut from Whiteflash. Based on the advice here I went down to VS and G and invested in the „best“ possible cut. The diamond was a smashing success ;-)) I would love to get my wife an eternity band with emerald cut diamonds for the birth of our child. Was thinking of .6 carat stones (which would get us to 10.8 ct total weight with 18 stones needed for the band.) I went through the old posts on emerald cut diamonds and the gist seems to be that it is super difficult or impossible to pick emerald cuts based on numbers only. As I am looking for 18 (mounted) stones, I cannot realistically see them in person before buying, which would suggest it comes down to choosing the right vendor. So a few questions where I would be very grateful for your help 🙂 1) would you say that G and VS1 would be (for untrained eyes and under real life conditions) be indistinguishable in terms of color from better rated stones and „eye clean“? For round cuts that has proven the case, at least to me, and it seems to be the same with ECs, but would love your views. 2) Any advice on vendors? I was very happy with Whiteflash back then but open for other suggestions. Any vendors specializing in or being known for ECs? 3) is there any equivalent to the hearts and arrows cut in an EC? Didn’t find anything in my research so far 😉 many thanks, Jan
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