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  1. Thank you all for being well spoken and helpful. I will wait and look at it in the sunlight.
  2. My hot button would be if it was milky or hazy and didn't look like the best diamond it could be because it had florescence, I could afford a diamond that doesn't look dull and meet the requirements of my gf. But I thought I was getting the biggest stone of her requirements to find out it may look like a nondiamond because of a feature that doesn't show up in the dealers pictures. If it is IF wouldn't that mean that it doesn't have the negative attributes of the fluorescence? Or do I not understand that right. I ended up with this stone because I was told fl to vvs1, d to g, over 1 c, cushion cut. I didn't know that fluorescence has a visibility past a special bulb, ie. Sun. And that it can make the stone look milky, hazy, not sparkle.
  3. Hello, I just purchased an engagement ring from James Allen everything seemed to be within the requirements set by my girlfriend however James Allen didn't give me the gia certificate until after I purchased it and it says strong blue fluorescence. I looked at the pictures on their website the diamond looks great. I've since searched fluorescence and realized that it may be undesirable, and in direct sunlight can alter the color. I'm not worried about black lights. However I am worried about paying a premium for something that might not be as sparkly, clean, clear, or hazy and milky. And second to that the color change in sunlight, if the whole hue of the diamond changes I'm not sure how I feel about that. Are you able to look at the pictures on their site and tell me if you think it suffers from the milky hazy negative affects. I've read people say that 0.2% of fluorescent diamonds suffer from these effects then I've read on this forum say if it's strong fluorescent it will suffer these effects. I am able to return this. Thanks https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/cushion-cut/1.77-carat-g-color-if-clarity-sku-12637396
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