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  1. Thank you for the detailed response. We looked at these two diamonds in a HW store. Without looking at the labels, my GF actually chose Diamond 2 (F/VVS2), because it looked brighter to her. We did some homework on diamond proportion, and we developed some concern about Diamond 2, which is not in the ideal proportion range (neither does the Diamond 1?). One more question - How does a diamond proportion affect its price, compared to the traditional attributes (color, clarity, etc.)? Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for your suggestion on the following two diamonds for Harry Winston engagement ring. Diamond 1 1.51 carat D color rating VS1 clarity, with a few crystal, cloud and pinpoint at the edge Table size 58% Diamond 2 1.51 carat F color rating VVS2 clarity, with 3 pinpoints near the center Table size 61% Both diamonds have excellent cuts, symmetry, and no fluorescence. Diamond 1 is $7,000 more expensive than Diamond 2. My questions are: Is 61% table size considered too much for light leakage? Is the $7,000 price difference well justified by the difference in quality of the two diamonds? How would you choose between these two diamonds? Why? I've attached reports for both diamonds. Thank you for your help on this!
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