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  1. A few things I forgot to mention. I really liked the specifications of the stone in the case, although I did notice that the cut was graded as “Very Good”. Most of what I’ve looked at (or maybe just what I’ve looked at online) have been Excellent/Ideal cut. Does Very Good vs. Excellent make a big difference, to the human eye? Additionally, I noticed while typing this up (I’m sorry it’s a novel lol), that the center stone is .70, vs the state “estimated” center stone weight of 3/4ct. I assume that could be why the specs on this ring are higher than the listed/minimum specs, due to it being slightly smaller then estimated/average? Lastly, here are some of the others I’ve looked at/peaked my interest: https://www.kay.com/leo-diamond-engagement-ring-118-ct-tw-roundcut-14k-white-gold/p/V-993246800 https://www.kay.com/adrianna-papell-diamond-engagement-ring-115-ct-tw-roundcut-14k-twotone-gold/p/V-993965300 https://www.zales.com/zales-private-collection-1-ct-tw-certified-colorless-diamond-engagement-ring-14k-twotone-gold-fi1/p/V-20306815 https://www.bluenile.com/build-your-own-ring/french-pave-diamond-ring-white-gold_44725
  2. Hi there everyone! I‘ll admit, I’m newer to the game, and I’d love and appreciate any advice this community is able to offer! I’ve been shopping around (with and without my girlfriend, but she is adamant that she doesn’t want to pick out the ring), and the time has come for me to get serious and find the right one! I’m located in the Tampa FL area, if that helps/makes a difference. I’ve mostly looked at mall stores (yes I know, overpriced and seemingly less quality), stand alone jewelry stores, as well as dabbling a bit with Blue Nile, James Allen, etc. I’ve come to really like the Leo Diamonds at Kay, but the stuff I read online and on here about them worries me just a bit. Recently I found a really nice ring I like at a Helzberg Diamond Outlet store. It’s part of their “Maple Leaf” collection, which appears to be their high-end collection. I was hoping to see what you all thought about the following ring: https://www.helzberg.com/maple-leaf-engagement-ring-2158297/?cart_added=1235373 GIA Cert: https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=5171415018 The woman I worked with, had pulled the very for it, and (not surprisingly) ranted and raved about how this was truly a gem and pretty rare one for them to get in, due to the minimum 4Cs ratings for this item/on the tag/site. The actual GIA cert listed slightly higher specs, which are .70ct, VS2 clarity, F color, and a “Very Good” cut. The ring itself is beautiful, I really like the setting, as well as the center stone, but the current “It’s a Deal” (no other offers/coupons) price is $5999. I was really hoping to stay under $5k for a 3/4ct ring, and it seems I can get a much better stone online through Blue Nile, etc., but all of the settings seem to be rather plain. My girlfriend lives a simple single stone with side stones/pave setting. She does like some design on the actual side of the band, which is what drew me to the lines/stones set on the actual side of this Helzberg ring. The one other concern I had, was that I noticed in the store that the GIA cert was from 2015, so six full years ago at this point. Is that normal? It seems kind of a long time for a diamond to go unsold, unless this was some kind of pre-owned/traded in stone. What do you all think about this? I did have an “Adrianna Papel” ring from Kay’s that I liked (had a touch of rose gold accent under the stone/band that my girlfriend liked, but the stone itself was really bad.. Either I1 or possibly I2, uncertified, so that options out unless I get a new stone for it, but that would make it not cost effective to go that route. I’ll add some photos I grabbed at the store, and truly appreciate any help/advice you all can offer!
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