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  1. Thank you for trying to help me despite me being all over the place. I just learned that there’s something called a heavy duty friction back which holds more securely. I am going to get some studs from James Allen and also buy some heavy duty friction backs.
  2. I’m looking for a vendor recommendation for ~0.5 ctw yellow gold stud earrings for my wife. She hates friction backs. Don’t care if is mined or synthetic but needs to be ethical. I want maximum sparkle and my budget is ~$600. Not a hard limit. The closest thing I could find was .75 ctw from clean origins for $895 which is tempting. My wife doesn’t care at all about rarity, appreciation, specs, or certs; she only cares about aesthetics. She told me she doesn’t want anything too big, i think 0.5 ctw is about right. 0.75 ctw might be ok. i also think the drop earrings with laser Drilled Diamonds look super cool but couldn’t find any in my price range. https://www.cleanorigin.com/4-prong-diamond-stud-earrings/
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