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  1. Ok I’ll try to take much better pictures if I can and post them here thanks again so much for the help!
  2. So it’s my second post here(thanks again for the help on the first one and for the patience ) I recently bought another diamond which is a 3.10ct heart light yellowish gray, its certified as an i1(I don’t trust the certificate so I won’t even be posting it here) obviously its not the greatest but I do enjoy it it’s something different and not too included to the naked eye, the only concern is considering it was sold as natural not treated I’m trying to figure out if it was enhanced or not, I see a slight fog/mist that comes from the center left part of the diamond which I’m concerned it could be the liquid/crystal material they use on clarity enhanced to fill the internal fracture, although looking very closely with my 10x loop I don’t find any hairline pattern or small incisions that could point out to a clarity enhancement. That is to my untrained eye, I’ll add a picture of the front, I’ll try to make more in the hopes I can get all the angles thanks again very much
  3. Ok understood, thanks so much for the help, do you think that the rainbow-like appearance would be very visible to the naked eye?
  4. here is the certificate being algt I don't trust it at all, this was declared natural and untreated by the listing if this isn't the case please let me know so I can actually can cancel my order thanks so much, I'm also posting the pictures of the backside
  5. so I recently got offered this round 2.05 brown, orangy yellow diamond. the quality isn't great it's actually an I2(I1 by certificate but not really reliable I think) but for the price I'm tempted on buying it, the problem is I can't identify what's that flaw on the face of the diamond that seems to have a different color on it, do you think it's chipped on the surface or it might be a crack inside(if its inside I'm not to bothered) thanks for the help here are the pics.
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