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  1. Hi, many thanks for your response. They are two important things to think about! I will be giving it to my partner in the coming weeks, so I can get her opinion on the ECHO style in due course. I am sure the jeweler will let us compare it to stones of different cuts, colour etc so I am hoping there is room for flexibility! Now I am equipped with the knowledge I hope to make a more informed decision. Thanks again for taking the time to offer advice.
  2. Thank you for the comprehensive response. I found it very useful indeed! Foolishly I was not aware that the diamond was a modified round until I did my research after the purchase (figuring out what all the values/details on the IGI report were using the internet), and the jeweler did not discuss this with me when showing me the diamond when I went to the shop floor as a complete novice. Sorry yes I forgot the measurements: 7.62 - 7.66 x 4.76 MM Thanks again!
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you are all okay! I recently purchased a diamond from a jeweler who is a good family friend, so I trusted his guidance and did not do much research beforehand (silly of me!). I paid for the stone and did my research after, and now I am questioning if I got a good price (he said it was an amazing deal, which I trusted as we have been friends for many many years). I paid £8,500 GBP (equiv. to 11,638 USD). Here are the specs: 1.70 ct modified round brilliant (it is an ECHO diamond (98 facets) by Robbins Brothers) Colour: I Clarity: SI2 (a few grain lines if magnified but eye clean) Cut grade: Very good (I was under the impression modified round diamonds do not get cut grades, but it was an IGI certification rather than GIA, so maybe that is why) Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Depth: 62.3% Table: 56% Crown Height %: 14.5%, angle: 33.0 Pavillion depth: 44%, angle: 41.9 Girdle: Medium, Faceted Cutlet: None Flour: None It receives a HCA score of 4.8, which states 'appears larger than other diamonds of this size, but sparkles less. Does the HCA score apply to modified round diamonds? is it valid? Do you think I paid a reasonable price? Many thanks in advance!!!!!
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