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  1. Thank you for all your replies! @davidelevi 😊 I suppose you are right! I wear a UK size L, so I am really looking at 1-1.5 carat stone. As I don't like halo or settings that 'enlarge' the look of the stone, the stone setting cannot be miniature and the metalwork has to be really good. No joke - the amount of times I have snagged tights or knitwear with a ring which has poor clasp metalwork! How much do you think I will be looking at in terms of price (jut to have a base) and know when something is overvalued or too cheaply priced for both diamond and lab diamond? I just want a clean simple metalwork, nothing fancy and nothing too modern or 'edgy'.
  2. Thank you for your help and time, I really appreciate it. That is interesting re metalwork. I could not care less about the brand. I am after quality so want something that I can leave 'as my inheritance' type thing and my daughter would be happy to wear it. I know diamonds etc depreciate so its not a monetary investment, more of sentimental value that will not disappoint any of the future generations 😄 The reason I am thinking of lab created diamonds is that they are cheaper, but I'd prefer a real diamond (its the European thinking). I found a photo of the ring that I think is more of less perfect size in proportion to the hands/fingers, how many carats do you think this is?
  3. Hello all, I have found this amazing forum, learned a lot so far from previous posts and immediately became jealous of the amount of options in the US for lab created diamond rings. I need advice on picking an engagement ring retailer. I would really appreciate advice, recommendation or even a list of UK online retailers who are trustworthy and not overpriced (and I will not interpret this as an advertisements of any kind). I am thinking online retailers are cheaper than going to Hatton gardens... If I order from the US, the return process would just be too panful. I am happy with lab created diamonds as they are a little cheaper, I just want a ring that is quality, classic, will last me a lifetime and will always look beautiful and not fake. I am into understated bling and love emerald cut so thinking of a platinum band and attach the two designs I am considering. Thank you all!
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