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  1. Something big that looks nice. I'd like to impress without going over budget
  2. Thank you so much for your feedback. Any ideas on where to find a similarity priced stone that's better that would be better? There's really a lot to go through and your experiences would be appreciated.
  3. I am working with a jeweler who asked my budget and this stone was what they recommend off the bat. I also asked for some other choices in my 3k price range and am waiting for the others. Is the price reasonable for it being lab made and it's size/ 4Cs? I really don't have a great deal of experience for this. As long as it looks nice and my SO is happy, then I'm good. She's left it up to me to handle and would like a surprise, so I'm solo on this. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat!
  4. A jeweler is offering to put this stone in a ring for me, I couldn't tell the difference between coffee and clear water when it comes to this stuff. Can anyone tell me if they see anything that screams 'run' from this report they sent me? https://www.igi.org/reports/verify-your-report?r=455034027 The also sent me this video https://ds-360.jaykar.co.in/ds_360.php?chk=QWxs&q=SllLMjBFMTcwMA==&3807-455034027 They are asking around 3k for the whole thing, stone and ring. Advice would be greatly appreciated.
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