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  1. I found out at the time if delivery of the ring that that the hrd diamond i had picked has also a gia number which the seller did not mention (or was not aware) at the time of sale. According to Gia its a vvs2, y to z color. While for hrd it's a vvs1 fancy yellow. The seller once I saw the second inscription of gia offered a 15% discount. Why would the same diamond gone through 2 certifications? I feel something is fishy. HRD180000160468 Gia 2183453372
  2. Hi davidlevi, It was a chance that I found these 2 stones. I have been offered SI1 stones, but they were not as sparkly and it was visible to a naked eye... I understand they are quite similar and it's really up to preference at this point, but wanted to get an expert opinion as to which one could be considered more valuable, as im not an expert in reading certificates, besides the 4c's. Thank you
  3. Unfortunately the stones are at 2 different retailers and the illuminating lights differ and as such one diamond has warm lights the other cold lights. In real life the colors are almost identical with the 1.23ct stone (warm color light) very slightly darker yellow.
  4. Hello everyone, I need your help to understand which is a better quality fancy diamond and deal between the 2 below. 1) 1.23ct size 6.58x6.33x3.56 VVS1 fancy yellow, modified cushion cut, HRD certificate n. 180000160468 2) 1.26ct size 6.33x5.56x3.84 IF light fancy yellow, cushion cut, GIA certificate n. 6351771402 Price difference is about 10% more for n.1. Which one on paper sound like the better diamond? I'm in doubt of HRD grading too vs GIA. Thank you for your help!
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