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  1. Ed Auguero

    Reset ring- might have been given different diamond

    Resetting a Ring: Some Pointers Look for a trustworthy jeweler that you can trust- Even though resetting is a simple procedure, you should make sure you explain all you want before they start working so there are no misunderstandings. Stay knowledgeable to protect your valuables- You should always know and have your GIA or diamond certificate,” Diamond Hedge advises, “so you know all the specifics regarding your diamonds.” “A diamond is a really costly stone, and you don't want it destroyed or, in some situations, changed or swapped.” Inquire with the jeweler about your availability- To that end, Diamond Hedge advises asking the jeweler if you can observe the process of swapping your main diamond into the new setting. “Ask if you can be there if you're a little nervous about the swap,” he advises. “The majority of jewelers will let you do that.
  2. Ed Auguero

    Is it something wrong with this diamond?

    Please try this dot test: On a piece of white paper, draw a small dot with a pen, then set the stone over the center of the dot. Take a close look at it. If your stone isn't a diamond, it will reflect in a circular pattern. A true diamond will not allow you to see the dot.
  3. Ed Auguero

    Want To Purchase A Diamond Ring

    Yes, you can purchase a lovely engagement ring from the comfort of your own home. There are a plethora of options available, ranging from classic solitaires like this platinum engagement ring to unique designs like this vintage Round Cut in yellow gold. To begin, choose your stone from a variety of loose diamonds, such as this 1 Carat Princess Cut. Second, decide on a setting. Overall, buying an engagement ring online will provide you with the most options and the best pricing.
  4. Ed Auguero

    Seeking advice for selling jewelry

    Before you choose a buyer, get various quotations from different companies. Depending on where you sell it, the offers you receive may differ dramatically. Here are some pointers on how to sell jewellery: 1. Don't act on a whim. 2. Obtain a valuation 3. Know what you've got. 4. Look for a respectable buyer. 5. Look around. 6. Be aware of the cost 7. Make a realistic assessment.
  5. Ed Auguero

    Lab created diamonds in the UK

    Lab-created rings are very similar to ethically sourced diamond and we get in low price.
  6. Ed Auguero

    Can't choose between 2 Stones

    The term "Triple X diamond" refers to round brilliant diamonds that have been assessed Excellent cut, Excellent symmetry, and Excellent polish by the GIA. Because X stands for Excellent, Triple X simply implies Triple Excellent. The cut, symmetry, and polish grades of a diamond demonstrate the level of craftsmanship that went into turning a rough diamond into a polished stone. All three affect a diamond's light interaction and are graded Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor on GIA Diamond Grading Reports. Many diamond purchasers look for Triple Excellent diamonds because they desire the greatest craftsmanship possible. A diamond's top-notch craftsmanship guarantees that it emits the most light and fire while also having a pleasing pattern.
  7. Ed Auguero

    Does The Engagement Ring Have To Be A Diamond?

    Any ring can be used as an engagement ring; it does not have to be a diamond or an expensive ring. The most critical factor is to select a style that your companion will appreciate. That implies you can wear your engagement ring after the ceremony without a wedding band.