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  1. This is great context and I appreciate the insight. Moral of the story, I really need to see Diamonds side by side in the store. I am going in today to talk to the jeweler and I think I'll have them bring in a couple of SI2 and SI1 for comparison purposes. I will try to get more specs and post as well. Thanks!
  2. That is fair. For example, I see this on Rarecarat: Rare Carat® | Search and Buy Diamonds at Online & Local Stores. This seems to be a better grade and clarity than the ones I was quoted, and for less $. Again, I realize the ones I was quoted could potentially be excellent cuts, etc. So it's a hard comparison.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. After doing a bit more research, it looks like I can find much better grades on Rarecarat. Now, to your point, I have no idea how the cut of these diamonds compares to those on rarecarat. This is harder than I thought!
  4. Hello! I am in the process of picking out a diamond for an engagement ring. My girlfriend is dead set on an Oval stone and I am now trying to figure out what grade, clarity, etc. stone to buy. I have a family friend who owns a Jewelry store who is trying to help me out. I am looking for some feedback here on if the stones below are: 1. Fairly priced? 2. Good grades based on the 4C's? I was reading some articles that I shouldn't go below SI1 clarity, especially as you start getting a little bit bigger on the stone size. Ideally, I'd like to spend about $10K max. Should I consider going to an SI1 clarity and moving the color from G to H? The one thing I haven't learned from the Jeweler is what the "cuts" are. I'm going in tomorrow to discuss further, but these are the stats they gave me so far. I also did a comparison on BlueNile as a gut check. I greatly appreciate your thoughts and help!
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