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  1. Hugo F

    Jewelry set

    Hi David, Thank you so much for your effort. Please let me know if you would bump into someone. It would mean a lot. Have a great day. Best regards, Hugo
  2. Hugo F

    Jewelry set

    Dear David and denverappraiser, Thank you both so much for your suggestions. @davidelevi to your points. 2. I can imagine bigger ticket items such as sets might be more difficult to sell. However, is there kind of marketplase online or offline where it people are selling such things? Ideally in Europe. 3. I absolutely agree. Thats the reason why I am looking for a second opinion. You guys over here are awesome :) 4. Unfortunately, I do not have detailed information about its origins. It was supposed to be tailor made in the ‘90s. The jeweler i gave it to for a assessment said the aquamarine is most likely from brasil but thats about it. Could you please advise me on how and where i can find an independent appraiser and gems dealers for that matter? Ideally in eastern or central europe. @denverappraiser the information i dropped were from a local jeweler whom i (partly) trust. He also mentioned it is very high quality work, its condition is very very good and the gems are well attached so it might be difficult to take them off. Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards, Hugo
  3. Hugo F

    Jewelry set

    Hi, I received a jewelry set made of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The set is made of Brazilian aquamarine, small diamonds (i would say about 0.5ct), gold, and pearls. Its value is approx 35,000 euros. I would like to monetize it somehow what would be the best way about it. There are two solutions that I have been evaluating: - Sell it as a whole. However, I do not know what is the best place to sell this. Also, I am not sure how to appraise the value of jewelry besides the gems itself. - Take it apart. I found a gems dealer and he would like to take it apart and sell it piece by piece. The deal would be that he would take it apart and then sell it to buyers. However, I am a bit worried that the gems might get damaged in the process. Also, the gems dealer asks 20% fee for taking it apart and then selling. Could anyone advise on the best solution? Thanks Best regards, Hugo
  4. Hi David, Thank you so much for all your inputs. Yea what you are mentioning about synthetic vs mined diamonds seems to be about right. I am hoping I would be able to get some more information from the resources you have shared. David thank you again. I really appreciate your help. Have a great day. Best regards, Hugo
  5. Hi David, Thank you so much for your answer and also sorry for my late response. What I am mainly interested in is knowing about industrial diamonds is following: Ins and outs of the business How does the importing, exporting and trading licencing works in the EU Who are the main buyers in Europe What to be careful about in this business How are industrial diamonds differentiated How to ideally approach them and some other questions as well Do you think you can help David? Thanks again. Best regards, Hugo
  6. Hi everyone, I was hoping I can learn more about the industrial diamonds industry. Is this the right place for this topic? If not can anyone please advise me on a forum dealing with industrial diamonds? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Hugo
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