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    Industrial Diamonds

    Hi David, Thank you so much for all your inputs. Yea what you are mentioning about synthetic vs mined diamonds seems to be about right. I am hoping I would be able to get some more information from the resources you have shared. David thank you again. I really appreciate your help. Have a great day. Best regards, Hugo
  2. Hugo F

    Industrial Diamonds

    Hi David, Thank you so much for your answer and also sorry for my late response. What I am mainly interested in is knowing about industrial diamonds is following: Ins and outs of the business How does the importing, exporting and trading licencing works in the EU Who are the main buyers in Europe What to be careful about in this business How are industrial diamonds differentiated How to ideally approach them and some other questions as well Do you think you can help David? Thanks again. Best regards, Hugo
  3. Hugo F

    Industrial Diamonds

    Hi everyone, I was hoping I can learn more about the industrial diamonds industry. Is this the right place for this topic? If not can anyone please advise me on a forum dealing with industrial diamonds? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Hugo