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  1. A friend of mine is in the diamond business and he is bringing me a price of 1800 euros for a 18kwhite gold ring(custom made) + 10 0.01k diamonds on each side of the ring + the stone you chose. After doing some research I assumed this was a really good deal. ^^' I'm very gratefull for your opinion and information!
  2. Ooh I get it now, did some research on what you said. So as a final verdict, if money was not a problem and you had to choose between these 2 diamonds, what would your choice be ?
  3. I really appreciate the fast answers! I think I'm going for the EX one. The only thing that I don't fully understand is the difference between "brighter" and "fire"(coloured flashy lights)? I'm guessing one is better than the other?
  4. Thanks for the answer! Here is some more info.
  5. Hello everyone, I have to choose between 2 stones for my engagement ring. Both are very similar and there is no difference with the naked eye. The only difference is a price difference of 150euros. Can anyone with more knowledge maybe give an opninion on thr choice? PS. Both are GIA certified. The stone with the triple EX cut is 150euros more expensive. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello everyone, I am someone from Belgium and I have been looking for an engagement ring. I have contacted 2 vendors whom I know personally and they do business here in Belgium. I got offers from both but after doing a little bit of research on diamonds I started to question these offers. (My knowledge is very small compared to most people I would assume so every bit of info is welcome.) Down below are the diamonds they offered me and I would really appreciate any opinions on these! My criterea was a price around 1100 euros, 0.50C, the color/clarity/cut i left to them but after doing research I would assume CUT should be excellent or very good at the minimum. Clarity I would lile Vs2-Vs1 and color wise G would be the mowest you should buy? As I said my knowledge is not that great so any help is welcome! (Ps. I found better ones on James Allen but I can't import those to Belgium I think)
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