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  1. Thank you. The vendor is very well known in the Dallas, texas area. He did tell me if I am not satisficed that I have 30 days to get 100% refund. They also have a policy that after one year you can trade in the diamond for 110% of what you paid towards another diamond.
  2. He is telling me that this is a very good diamond. Are those clouds really small? I purchased a diamond for a big box jewelry store and when it came in it was very cloudy. The GIA report was very clean ( I mean only two small dots) almost too clean. The comments on the GIA report said "Clarity based on clouds not shown" and it was the only comment. The diamond was a SI1 and did not sparkle much at all. For this reason I an concerned when I see a clump of clouds like this on a report. Does the cut look excellent?
  3. I am looking at purchasing this 1.41 I VS2 diamond. What are all the marks towards the middle of the diamond? Are these feathers and will this be a problem with sparkle? I am still very concerned about the knot. How often do knots break off or fall out?
  4. When looking at the GIA report of this diamond, what are all the small marks towards the middle of the diamond? Are those feathers? Will this be a problem?
  5. I am looking at purchasing a 1.41 I VS2 diamond. The Key on the GIA report has "Knot" listed a the 1st inclusion. Should I be concerned about the knot in the diamond. Could the Knot be covered by a prong? I have included the GIA report.
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