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  1. Yeah. This feeling will pass, lol. I just wanted to give her the perfect wedding ring, is all. I know buying her another ring in the future won't give the same sentimental value to it like this ring will have very soon. Yeah, I wanted a simple one for my ring. I initially wanted a 6mm band but also had a couple of comments from people that it would be too thick for my finger. I'm glad I listened.
  2. Yeah, I knew you were going to say that Because of her reaction, I kinda regret not getting her a ring with slightly bigger stones (0.065ct). I could've gotten just 9 x 0.065ct and ended up with about the same price anyway. That would've put the ring at 2.5mm wide. Not sure why I didn't think of that but I guess I was fixated on the number of stones (11) that would make it close to a half eternity. On another note, I ended up with a 5mm satin finish bevel-edged ring which I love.
  3. We got our wedding rings already. Hers has 11 x 0.05ct stones (2.35 diameter) in a 2.35mm band. Here's a pic. My fiancee thinks that we should've went with the next bigger stones (0.065ct) because it looks small in her finger. For me, the size of the stones is about right and compliments the e-ring well. What do you guys think about the wedding ring size?
  4. Ok. I'm leaning towards the local jeweler now since their prices are bmvery attractive compares to BGD's.
  5. So technically, between the two designs (gap vs. no gap), is there really any performance/stability/reliability differences? Is less metal usually more preferable? How does less metal relate to more labour with Tiffany? Does that mean that with less metal to work with, they can focus more on perfecting the craftsmanship or something? So it's a toss between the 3pt and 5pt then. I'm asking BGD if they have a copy of the CAD they gave me but with dimension callouts. The ones they gave me before only had the actual ring itself which I found useless.
  6. Do those gaps in the Tiffany design have any purpose at all? In the WF/BGD design those gaps are closed off if you know what I mean. Do you have any comments on my width question above? You might've missed my edit.
  7. So I gave some of the famous jewelers we have locally and it looks like they do have the designs that we want. I'm asking them quotes now. They have both the Tiffany/B2C shared prong designs and the BGD/WF designs. If you were just to look at the design difference (gap vs. no gap in the prong areas), would it make sense to consider the BGD/WF designs to be set lower? I mean, if that's the case, then I would think that is the better design. In BGD's website, it says that the top height is 1.8mm and that it sits very low on the finger. The local jeweler also has these choices for the Tiffany design: 2mm wide using 3pt stones 2.5mm wide using 5pt stones 3mm wide using 10pt stones I know you said earlier that a couple of 3pt. or 5pt. melee stones will not outshine the e-ring's 0.903ct center stone on, but will 10pt stones do? For the band's width, would a 2.5mm be safe bet if the real world measurements of the reversed tapered e-ring are 1.7mm top height and 2.7mm bottom height? Ok, got it. I'll see what I can come up with, lol.
  8. Ah, so the usual suspects do a good job with their metalwork. I thought their expensive just because of their name brand but has the same quality as vendors like WFand BGD. Is WF and BGD also down there with Blue Nile, B2C, JA, etc. as relative cheap market vendors? That's what my fiancee is saying too. If anything, I would go with 5mm at least as my personal preference. However, my choices are limited with that width. 6mm is the most common among the designs. I see. So for the ultimate comfort fit (both in the ring finger and the adjacent fingers), would a slightly-domed comfort fit be the best choice? Yeah, I just couldn't stop reaearching, lol. But yeah, I take those with a grain of salt and still ask her ein the forums for professional opinion from people like you (thanks!).
  9. Got it. From the popular online vendors, which ones do you rank as "premium" ones? As for my band, I like either a 5mm or 6mm. Though I'm gearing towards 6mm, I'm still not fully decided. My fiancee says a 5mm would look better for my slender fingers. What made you recommend not going above 4.5mm? So far, here are my candidates: Textured ones: https://www.whiteflash.com/wedding-rings/mens-comfort-fit-wedding-band-with-spin-satin-finish-920.htm https://www.whiteflash.com/wedding-rings/mens-comfort-fit-wedding-band-with-spin-satin-finish-920.htm https://www.b2cjewels.com/men-gold-bands/GRST0298/platinum-6mm-comfort-fit-satin-finished-high-polished-round-edge-carved-design-band https://www.b2cjewels.com/men-gold-bands/GRST0114/6mm-platinum-comfort-fit-satin-finished-with-high-polished-center-cut-carved-design-band https://www.bluenile.com/brushed-inlay-wedding-ring-platinum_58200 https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/diamond-jewelry/wedding-bands/classic-bands/men-s-satin-and-shiny-band-5496 With a single diamond: https://www.b2cjewels.com/men-diamond-wedding-rings/DRAJ3645/classic-single-diamond-satin-finish-mens-diamond-ring-in-platinum-0-06-cttw- https://www.jamesallen.com/wedding-rings/mens-diamond/platinum-6mm-beveled-bezel-set-diamond-wedding-ring-item-837 I'm kinda liking the satin finish on the rings to add to the style. Would there be any issues when going with a beveled edge design? I'm reading that it adds to the design and sleeky-ness of the ring. I'm also reading that it'd be better to go with a slightly domed ring for comfort. Though I'm not seeing any slightly-domed rings that have a satin finish.
  10. Ok. I'm sure my fiancee would want the bigger stones. It's just how their girls' minds are wired Other than the fact that it would make more sense to go with BGD since I got the e-ring from them, what other things should I watch out about B2C? Are they a reliable vendor? After I get a final decision with her band, I would need to concentrate on mine. I do see a couple of good designs in B2C that are more affordable than what BGD offers for men's bands. So I thought I'd ask if there are any negative things about them that I should watch out for. Feel free to PM me if this is something that can't be said publicly. Also, if we go with a 1mm spacer between her e-ring and band, would it make sense to just go with the cheapest 14K white gold? Or will it matter if we also go with Platinum as her two rings are/will be Platinum?
  11. Ok, gotcha. I'd have to check with B2C regarding that rendering that looks exactly like the Tiffany one. The prices and melee stones specs are (for the proper prong settings): B2C - $1717 ($2020 less 15%), not sure if they have a better price for wire, 11 x F/G VS, 0.64 cttw WF - $2182.5 wire price (no discount), 14 x F/G VS, 0.5 cttw BGD - $2167.5 ($2550 less %15 for labor day only), not sure if they have a better price for wire, 11 x .05 F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature melee, 0.55 cttw BGD also told me that they can use 3pt (instead of the default 5pt) stones but that will slash only around $100 off the price. Do you think that's worth it? Or just stick with the 5pt ones?
  12. I guess I don't have much choice then. The consensus seems to be that they use F/G melee stones for most of the rings I'm seeing. You're right. If I think of it, the e-ring goes by the same concept. If it's too loose, it'll also spin but for the size that I got her the ring just sits upright and perfect. I can't visualize but would a 1mm spacer fix all these "worries"? I see what you mean. How about the DRAJ5190 model? Do you consider this a prong setting? I will have to ask B2C what they think about this. I won't be able to see the ring before the purchase so that's a risk I need to take. If they are set too high, will that be a problem even though a 1mm spacer will be used?
  13. Most of them are F/G. BGD did say that all their melee stones are of that quality and they can't go lower but they told me that they have very good cuts in a way that will match the center stone. How does cut have effect to the color of the melee stones in trying to match the J centre? My relatives do know a few trusted jewelers that might be able to do this but I just don't trust the level of craftsmanship here, in general. Why would the tapering of the shank warrant using a spacer? Won't she have any problems with the ring spinning over her finger if she goes with 1/2? Aren't those two B2C models also in a prong setting? I thought they are because they do have prongs over the top of the melee stones. She was the one who chose those B2C candidates but she prefers this over the other . So what she really likes is the design of this Tiffany ring. This is that ring in her hand together with the e-ring: This Tiffany design is very similar to a third B2C model that I saw. From the top view, they both look the same. From the side view, here are their profiles: Tiffany: B2C: As you can see, they look the same. The only difference are those "gaps" that you see where the base of the stones are. The B2C model seems to have more gap that causes the stones to be set higher and my fiancee is concerned about that. What are your thoughts on this? Interesting. If I choose a better fitting ring over comfort at putting it on/taking it off, would there be any remote chance in the future that I won't be able to remove the ring because of a larger joint or something? I'm not even sure if this is a valid question but I thought I'd ask away.
  14. Following the engagement ring discussion we had here, we are now looking into buying wedding bands and need help again. So based from research, here's what we know so far: 1. For her - she wants either a half or 3/4 eternity ring in a prong (preferably shared prong) setting - her engagement ring is a classic reverse tapered cathedral (1.5mm top width and 2.7mm bottom width) with a 0.903 ct. J/SI1/ideal round stone - BGD recommended a band that is between 2.2 and 2.6mm wide. Is that a sound suggestion considering the e-ring is reverse tapered? - do the melee stones need to be the same color, clarity, and cut as the center stone of the e-ring so as not to outshine it? I've been asking multiple vendors (BGD, WF, B2CJewels) already and it seems that they don't do this. Some can customize the size of the stones but not color, clarity, and cut. What size of melee stones would be preferable, 3pt or 5pt? - she wants Platinum to match the e-rings Platinum - so far, these are the choices she has: * https://www.b2cjewels.com/ladies-diamond-wedding-bands/draj1190/tapered-diamond-wedding-band-diamonds-14k-white-gold-1-2-cttw * https://www.b2cjewels.com/ladies-diamond-wedding-bands/drab8405/diamond-wedding-band-prong-settings-clean-lines-platinum-3-8-cttw * https://www.whiteflash.com/wedding-rings/diamonds-for-an-eternity-1-2-diamond-wedding-band-1384.htm#size=6 * https://www.whiteflash.com/wedding-rings/diamonds-for-an-eternity-3-4-diamond-wedding-band-851.htm * https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/diamond-jewelry/wedding-bands/diamond-eternity-bands/the-dream-3/4-eternity-5416 * https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/dream-half-eternity-platinum-5392p Any thoughts on those recommendations? - because of the e-ring's setting, I was told that a 1mm spacer is needed so that the wedding band's metal will not be touching/damaging the e-ring's stone basket. Is this general consensus because of how low the e-ring stone is set? 2. For me: - I still don't have a specific design in mind. My fiancee wants one with a single diamond but I don't think I like diamonds in my ring. Even though I know this a personal choice, what are your comments about diamonds on men's bands? - this is a pic that shows the comparison between 3mm and 4.5mm in my ring finger: https://www.pricescope.com/community/attachments/viber_image_2021-08-30_19-07-41-844-jpg.850180/ . People have been suggesting that I get a ring from 5mm to 6mm. Any comments? - I have a ring sizer on hand I'm not sure of my size yet because my knuckle is bigger than the actual ring area of my finger. So if I try a size 6 ring, I can feel resistance on my knuckle when inserting the ring but it feels loose when it's already inserted all the way to the end. What is the right way to size my finger? - I also want Platinum
  15. She said YES! Thank you all for the help in this journey. I really appreciate it. She loves the ring so much. She like the reversed tapered solitaire setting and the 6.5 size is a perfect fit! Here are some pictures:
  16. Please read the whole thread for you to see that I have a ring already and I'm not looking for one anymore.
  17. That's also one option I was thinking about. In the restaurant I called, there is a private dining room that we can be at though I still kind of feel doing it at the end of the meal. I want the place to be memorable but not too romantic that it could give away what I'm about to do at the end. She knows that I'm not a romantic person so she will easily detect that something is up if she sees something unusual about the place
  18. I already have the ring! Shipping went smooth through the freight forwarder. The ring looks gorgeous. I will post pics soon. For the meantime, can you guys help me out with any proposal ideas here?
  19. I already have the ring and my plan is to propose this month but I still don't have a concrete idea of how to do it. I'm thinking of a simple proposal. After dinner in a semi high-class restaurant, I'm thinking of maybe being led by a waiter outside or to a special room where desert is waiting there and then that is also where I will pop the question. Exactly the same idea in this thread: I don't want anything super fancy. It would be just the two of us and I want it intimate and private. My ears are open to any alternatives. Can you please help? Thanks.
  20. Got it. They told me that they engrave on the side anyway making room for resizing but it does look like engraving will just add to my list of unknowns and would make my life harder in the long run.
  21. Ok, then I'll just accept the CAD drawing as it is As for the engraving, can it be easily erased in a Platinum ring if we passed it down to the next generation or if we sell it? BGD told me that the laser engraving is not deep and can be easily erased but I'm not sure if they use a special tool or what. I'm thinking of going without the engraving and if she really wants to engrave it that'll probably come after I propose to her and after we make sure that the size is correct. Would that make more sense?
  22. I decided to go with the Tapered Cathedral Solitaire since two weeks ago when we were discussing this. I know have the CAD drawings from BGD and I'm not sure if it matters but I'll still show them to you in case you have comments before I approve the design and proceed with the casting process. Note from BGD: The CAD appears heavier than the finished setting as we allow for a 15% overage of material for the casting process. This excess is shaved down after the setting has been cast. It looks great to me but as you know I have an untrained eye, so to speak Also, is text engraving on the ring recommended? What are its pro and cons? I'm thinking the the first letter of the my name and my partner's is as simple as it gets. Any suggested fonts if I go through with it?
  23. I'm leaning towards the second one myself. I'm sure she'll like whichever Solitaire setting I pick but I don't want her feeling uncomfortable, of course. It does look like 0.90mm is thin but it's only at the very top where the band meets the diamond stone. Most of the band is still wide. Which "top 2" thickness are you referring to here? Good point on thicker shank overwhelming the stone this size. I do want to go with a 6 prong though so the tapered cathedral is perfect. Are knife edge bands generally not for all and are known to provide discomfort to some wearers?
  24. I've narrowed my choices down to these (listed from least to most expensive): https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/tapered-classic-style-half-round-5540 $1250 - very plain and simple, my least favorite - top width is 1.85mm https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/engagement-rings/brain-gavin-signature/Tapered-Cathedral-Solitaire $1400 - nice design - top width is only 0.90mm, not sure if that's too slim or OK? - BGD tells me that I shouldn't worry about the height of the stone because they set it to mid-height. Hopefully, no problems with the stone snagging clothes easily https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/crown-solitaire-7437 $1450 - I like the knife edge design but I'm reading that it could be uncomfortable for some especially those that are not used to wearing rings? - top width is 2.60mm, not sure if that's too thick already or still OK for a girl? https://www.briangavindiamonds.com/freya-5985 $1700 - I like the 2 triangular gaps on this cathedral but not too much to justify the price difference - top width is 2.50mm, so same concern if too thick or OK?
  25. Yes, the ring will be coming from BGD. I really don't have any choice as this is a stealth operation. Like I mentioned earlier, my best bet is 6.5. And since the ring will be further shipped to the Philippines, I don't have a choice but to have it resized here if I needed to. BGD told me that as long as the jeweler has the skills to do the resizing, then I'd have no problems but I haven't specifically asked about the warranty yet. I'm also trying to convince myself that a solitaire is the better choice since my partner did express just recently that she wants the simplicity of a solitaire but she is also "ok" with the pave. This topic came up when we were discussing the engagement ring of a local celebrity.
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