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    Surface Graining? Or something else?

    Thank you! I got similar comments from JA. So these surface graining shouldn't cause concerns for visual performance in naked eye?
  2. Unicorn

    Surface Graining? Or something else?

    Yes but as usual, they don't have additional information. They also thought it looks like surface graining.
  3. Unicorn

    Surface Graining? Or something else?

    Appreciate your inputs! These are actually screenshots I took from their HD video. I have the certificate and these lines are not on the plotting diagram. I've heard that GIA don't always mention surface graining if the clarity is under IF? I don't think they can be seen with naked eyes, but worried about if they affect light performance.
  4. Hi, I like this diamond but noticed something that look like scratches. Are these inclusions like surface/internal graining? Most importantly, would this affect light performance/spark/fire in any way? The diamond is VS2, H color, and the GIA report does not mention these inclusion (not in the comments either). Any thoughts would be appreciated! loose diamonds, round cut, 1.80 carat h color vs2 clarity excellent cut sku 10870839 (jamesallen.com)
  5. That's unfortunate...thanks for your inputs though!
  6. Thank you davidelevi for your inputs! I appreciate it. As you said, JA doesn't have additional information so they can't tell better than we do. One thing I noticed is that because some of the inclusions are near the center, the inclusions got reflected to a lot of areas of the diamond, so in the Super Zoom video I can see a lot of reflections of the inclusions all over the diamond(s). On the other hand, what do you think about the diamond below? It seems well cut, with better color and clarify. The only concern I have is Strong Fluorescence which has a chance of making the stone hazy, but through the video I don't see anything hazy/milky at all. Would that be different when seeing it in person? loose diamonds, round cut, 1.70 carat g color vs1 clarity excellent cut sku 11113118 (jamesallen.com)
  7. Hello all! After doing a lot of learning I narrowed down my search to the five diamonds below. I think I'll pick one from these. They all have decent proportions and HCA scores (the worst one is 2.1). However I'm not sure if they are all eye-clean. I would appreciate if you can share some thoughts! And feel free to let me know if you have comments on other aspects as well (or any red flags)! 1. This is a JA "True Hearts Cut", but has a crystal inclusion near the center. HCA = 2.1, AGS Ideal 0 Cut grade loose diamonds, round cut, 1.70 carat h color vs2 clarity true hearts cut sku 9094970 (jamesallen.com) 2. HCA = 1.9. I think this one should be eye-clean but it has light horizontal lines from certain angels which I don't normally see from other diamonds. Not sure if it impacts anything. loose diamonds, round cut, 1.80 carat h color vs2 clarity excellent cut sku 10870839 (jamesallen.com) 3. no ideal-scope image, HCA = 1.3, cloud in the middle, and seems slightly asymmetrical. loose diamonds, round cut, 1.77 carat h color vs2 clarity excellent cut sku 11101265 (jamesallen.com) 4. small crystal inclusions near the center, and a long feather on the crown. HCA = 1.7, AGS Ideal 0 Cut grade. Also seems slightly asymmetrical loose diamonds, round cut, 1.91 carat h color si1 clarity ideal cut sku 7443237 (jamesallen.com) 5. no ideal-scope image, HCA = 1.8. Lots of inclusions but small loose diamonds, round cut, 1.93 carat h color si1 clarity excellent cut sku 10271896 (jamesallen.com) Ideal-scope images for three of them: #1 #2 #4