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  1. Jaybee09

    what one?

    Thank you soo much I really appreciate all of your information:)
  2. Jaybee09

    what one?

    The leo is the pic on top and is a SI2, the tolkowsky is the one on the bottom that is the I1.
  3. Jaybee09

    what one?

    I have changed the pictures to real ones....
  4. Jaybee09

    what one?

    Here are some real pictures. Unfortunately I like them both. I wasn't sure if tolkowsky was better than leo since it is such a big name in the industry.
  5. Jaybee09

    what one?

    hi i would love your help, recently there was recently a GREAT sale and i could not choose what ring i wanted so i ordered both online. however i need to return one of them. the issue is i saw them in person and i love them both. Can you please provide me with your honest opinion . they are both previously owned. 1st ring: Tolkowsky diamond engagement ring 5/8 ct tw. center stone 1/3 color I, clarity I1 round cut halo ring 14k white gold paid $ 1,169.00 for it *********************************************************** 2nd ring: Leo diamond engagement ring 3/4 ct tw center stone 3/8, color I, clarity SI2 round cut halo 14k white gold paid $1,306.00 here is a picture of each ring, the leo does have a thicker band.
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