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  1. Thank you very much for your for feedback davidelevi. I appreciate the information you shared, it has been very helpful!
  2. I recently purchased a 72 point Brian Gavin diamond pendant with a bezel setting and chain both in platinum. The diamond is absolutely beautiful and I love it and I purchased during one of their promotions so I got it at a really great price. I took the necklace off in the evening and never wore it to bed ( because the chain seemed fragile despite being platinum). I had worn the necklace to work no more than 10 -15 times, when one morning I started to put the chain on and started to fasten the clasp. I pulled back the spring loaded portion of the round clasp (called a spring ring clasp) and that part of the clasp broke and came off completely. I couldn’t believe it! An almost new platinum chain from BG broke while putting It on. In contrast, I also have a Tiffany’s 35 point Elsa Peretti DBTY pendant in platinum. I have had the necklace for 15 years and for the majority of those years I have worn the necklace almost all the time including sleeping with it on. I usually only took it off to clean it or if I was going to the beach, swimming in a pool, hiking, or for X-rays/MRI’s, etc. That chain has never broken. The spring on the clasp feels as tight as the day I bought it. Perhaps the BG platinum clasp that broke was just a rare defective clasp, however, the BG chain is definitely thinner and the links are flatter, not as round as the Tiffany’s platinum chain . Objectively speaking, it was the clasp and not the chain itself that broke although whether it was the clasp or the chain that broke, it would have likely resulted in the necklace and my perfect diamond having been lost had I not been at home and it broke while I was putting it on. The experience has left me skeptical of jewelers’ platinum chains for their diamond pendants, with the exception of Tiffany’s. It has led me to question whether the increased price of Tiffany’s diamond pendants in platinum is perhaps worth it for the more durable chain, even though comparable diamonds can be found at lower prices. I have considered purchasing a diamond and platinum setting from BG and buying a platinum chain (an 18 inch chain is $500) from Tiffany’s and sending it to BG to attach to the setting. Some settings wouldn’t even require anything more than making sure the chain and clasp would thread through the setting. Do you think it would weaken the strength of the chain too much if the chain had to be cut to attached to fixed setting like bezel set? Is anyone aware of any other jewelers that have durable platinum chains comparable to a Tiffany’s platinum chain? Has anyone else had difficulty with their platinum chains/clasps breaking and if so from which jewelers were they purchased and how did you handle the repair? Would it be practical to add a safety on either side of the chain’s clasp to prevent it from falling off if the clasp broke? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you!!!
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