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  1. I was given grandparents engagement ring and had it originally appraised when I got it. It has a marquis stone and the original appraisal gave the following specs- 12.3x5.2mm at 1.61ct color h and clarity I1. The stone was set in a large gold, older type setting so I understand it was an estimate. I recently had it reset into something more my taste and size (I do have larger fingers) and they did another appraisal (both done within 6 months of eachother). The second one did take them out of the setting so I know the appraisals can be different but the second appraisal came out with 1.24 ct 12.28x5.19x3.5 mm g color and s12 clarity. The first one at 1.61 ct also closely aligned with grandparents appraisal and value it was insured at. Can there really be a .37 margin of error for the carat size just from being in the setting? I am worried they gave me a different stone. It doesn’t look like the same stone to me. I remember there being a black dot as well that I no longer see, the black dot did not come off on either of the 2 initial cleanings and appeared to be in the diamond. I understand I did lose a good amount of gold based on my setting choice but the second appraisal came out over $2000 less than the original. I admit I am a novice but it just doesn’t feel right. Should I be alarmed by that drastic of a change? What should I do, do I have any legal recourse or way to confirm this is the same stone? thank you
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