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    AIG labs trustworty? anyone has experience?

    Thank you for the kind welcome David! You are perfectly right, it's really sad to learn that Laboratories instead of bringing more trust in the field can generate such a scams. It might inhibit private clients to buy and invest money in our industry. I am glad to have joined this forum which is a great helpful supports.
  2. Stefania

    AIG labs trustworty? anyone has experience?

    Hi Olivier, Just read this topic about AIG. I agree with the above comments and I agree. Especially regarding the fact that "Anyone can set up a gem lab. No qualifications or expertise are required.". Here I write you my personal experience. I was interested in certifying jewellery and loose stones, therefore I contacted different labs asking for quotations and more insights. Among the other I called AIG Milan Laboratories which is the italian branch of AIG and IGL laboratories in Israel. Well, I was really shocked when I learned that AIG Laboratories write on their certificates what the client asks for, even avoiding to mention treatments and declaring the grading on client requires! Personally, I defenetely wouldn't trust a lab which gave me the impression of a printing center. I would suggest you to check reviews on impartial websites as certification field is getting a jungle lately