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  1. There's no need for the passive aggressive approach "her thread being highjacked every now and then - or rather often". @operamomtold me in this thread to feel free to post in her thread and ask questions. Also, operamom can speak for her self or send me a private message. We already messaged each other privately more than once. Like I said before, you do not have to answer my questions or any questions. Feel free to ignore any question you don't like and move on. If I unintentionally make a mistake, feel free to reach out to the moderator but it is unacceptable to discipline me or anyone when you don't agree with what we think or say.
  2. @davidelevi I'm thankful for all the information you provided. I enjoyed the color test tool you linked above. I did not score zero on the tool but I was close enough.
  3. @davidelevi I'm not sure what I said wrong. But If I said anything that you don't like, I didn't mean to. I was simply trying to understand if I can ensure comparable symmetry and performance if I was to pick or compare an ASTOR to an ACA. Since, we (consumers) cannot see any of these unbranded diamonds and the report does not have enough information, any selection we make would be a random selection. Maybe I should have said that this is a general question. But, you told me yesterday that I do not need to qualify a question so I followed your advice. You do not have to respond to any of my questions. Like I said yesterday, this is operamom's thread. At the end of the day, not understanding the cut mystery will have no impact on my life, career or future. I made sure to clarify that anything I say is my personal opinion. I also did not call anyone aggressive and responded courteously to what sounded aggressive to me. I just assumed it was just a misunderstanding and tried my best to clarify.
  4. @davidelevi Are you comparing a WF ACA to a randomly picked BN diamond? Would you still say that a BN ASTOR is not as symmetrical? Here's a link to an example Diamond Details | Blue Nile I'm sure you already know that not all ASTORs or BN signature diamonds are equal so I'm trying to learn how to tell the difference. At the time I was looking/ buying, I called a guy from GCAL who was extremely helpful. BN signature were then graded by GCAL in addition to GIA. While he told me he cannot recommend a diamond, he helped me compare between two signature BN (both graded by GCAL) but they were not equal in price or performance. I look forward to reading all the information you provided above this weekend 🙂
  5. @davidelevi Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I will save reading this for the weekend 🙂 I need to qualify the question as a courtesy to @operamom. It is her thread and I don't want to be like the ******** on PS.
  6. What are the deal proportions for this type of cut? Is there such a thing as ideal proportions for yellow diamonds or are they cut to show the best color? I've looked at Tiffany yellow diamonds about a year ago and noticed that their depth was less than other non Tiffany including this diamond. This probably makes the diamond appear larger. Is this right?
  7. @davidelevi Thank you for the information you provided. For learning purposes, can you tell me if fire, brilliance and sparkle are measured quantities or not. In other words, if someone tells me that one diamond has more fire and sparkle than another and both are well cut, how do I verify that one truly has more fire and sparkle than the other? Also, at what point would the difference become visible?
  8. I meant that I like the color of the 2 ct better now. I was able to find it on the website. Thank you.
  9. You are right. I can see it better now and it is a bright yellow (I don't like dark or a green tint).
  10. I love the color of the top right diamond. Would this be priced the highest assuming all other parameters are the same?
  11. I agree. I'm just giving my opinion to a consumer (like me) and why I think what I think. I never said my opinion is the only way to do things. At the end of the day, it is up to @operamom to decide what she wants to disclose and it is up to you to decide how you want to help people.
  12. I thought you said that 'Exact carat weight' can have a significant effect on fair price of a stone and this is why it is important to disclose exact carat weight. I agree with you that exact carat weight can have a significant effect on price. I just wanted to clarify that my assumption was that she's looking for advice regarding performance. If that's the case, she might not need to disclose the exact carat weight.
  13. If she does not provide all the information needed, one can ask her for the missing piece that they need.
  14. My assumption was that @operamom is looking for advice regarding diamond specification/ performance and not necessarily price. She then would be able to figure out pricing based on what she knows about each diamond and by comparing the pricing of several online vendors. Once she discloses the GIA or AGS certificate number, it will be possible to identify the diamond and the vendor. I believe she can achieve the same goal by disclosing the measurements and information on the certificate without needing to disclose the certificate number. Exact carat weight together with measurement will also identify the diamond and the vender. I feel that, on another forum, people are steered to buy from WF and this is a good reason for me to not buy from WF (this is just my personal opinion). I usually read the negative reviews when deciding whether to buy from a vendor or not. This is because: 1) they help me determine the worst case scenario. 2) they reflect how a customer truly feels since they're not a false review written by the vendor or his affiliates and no customer will take the time to write a negative review unless they truly believe that they had a negative experience. I have seen a few negative reviews about WF on Yelp and what makes things worse, in my opinion, is the response from WF. I think I should mention that I'm not a competitor and am not affiliated with any business.
  15. My favorite is the diamond in the top right picture. The second one on the left looks closer to a FY. If all the diamonds in the pictures above were the same shape, carat weight, clarity, etc., would they be priced the same? In other words, does the color affect the price if they were all graded as FIY? So, you are saying that I should be able to tell by looking at the diamonds. I was under the impression that fluorescence makes the yellow color appear lighter under certain lighting conditions (I heard from others). Based on your explanation, I understand that color saturation is not necessarily affected by fluorescence. Do I understand this correctly? Does the last paragraph apply when the GIA report says that the color is even?
  16. This mainly happens on another forum but a few of these "members" lurk here. Most people buy online now. I would choose a reputable vendor that has a return policy of at least 30 days. Please remember to use your credit card if you want to be safe. Some vendors will give you a discount if you wire money but I would never wire. I don't think you need to ask BN but you certainly can if you want to. You could just buy the two diamonds you want to compare and return the one you don't want or both. Customer service is excellent. You can also go to your local jeweler and look at F, G, H color diamonds just to figure out what your preference is and if you are able to see the difference in color... Looking is free.
  17. I just wanted to add that G is colorless and would save you money. I have an H and I don't see any color. But, I understand if F is your preference. Best of luck.
  18. @operamom I'm unable to give professional advice. I can just say that I've had an excellent experience with Blue Nile. Their sales associates are salaried (no commission). BN allowed me to order two diamonds and compare. One of them was a BN signature (now called ASTOR) and another unbranded diamond. When I compared the two side by side, they looked close to the same but the price of the signature was twice as much. I ended up buying the signature because I wanted to (nobody told me to).Their sales associate never tried to tell me that the signature is better or a special cut, etc. like what you hear from some vendors during their "free consult". Please be aware that there are forums where you might be steered by "helpful members" to buy from certain vendors. You guessed right in your message above. I would question any advice or review I hear unless it is from a family member or someone I personally know well. It might be a good idea to limit the information you provide when you request advice to ensure that there's no bias. I don't think you need to reveal the vendor, GIA or AGS certificate number, exact carat weight, etc. You still can reveal other information like measurements, color, etc. Most importantly, the diamond should be visually appealing to you. You are not going to wear a certificate. Most vendors have a return policy so you can order a diamond or two to compare.
  19. nkc

    Well cut diamond?

    Thank you for your honesty.
  20. I'm not clear on the sentence above. If FIY covers a wide range, how do I know where a diamond falls within this range and how do I determine the impact of the medium blue fluorescence on this diamond?
  21. How much of an impact does Medium Blue or faint fluorescence have on the color of Fancy Intense yellow diamonds? What % price reduction should I expect to see if a FIY has medium fluorescence? Would this still be a concern in Vivid Yellow diamonds? This question assumes that the diamonds are graded by GIA. Thank you,
  22. Silver jewelry comes in a box similar to what you described. However, non silver jewelry comes in a suede box plus the outer Tiffany blue box. Like others suggested, you can ask the store. Make sure to mention that you bought the band for your wedding. I doubt they'll say no and this is why I love Tiffany. They will not sell you a box but they might give you one since you bought the band directly from them. If you don't have luck with the store, you can always call customer service and ask nicely. Good luck.
  23. I asked if I'm allowed to mention another forum before I posted this. I also saw several older similar posts here. When I saw other members on this forum describe their experience and what goes on at Pricescope, I did not think they were tacky. I just felt that this forum is transparent and admired Hermann for giving people the freedom to say what they think. I respect your opinion but don't agree that what I'm doing is disrespectful. At least, it is not my intention to be disrespectful. I assume you're on Pricescope for a reason and it's not just a hobby. Knowing that this forum has private messages, it appears to me that it would be more appropriate to send a member a private message if you believe that they're doing something wrong. Thank you,
  24. Hi Denverappraiser, No, this is not a question to ask on Pricescope and I think a lot of people know why. While I respect the opinion of everyone, I feel that there is a conflict of interest if one is on PS vendors list. I'm aware of what a moderator is supposed to do but my question is not about the roles and responsibilities of a moderator. I was not on any forum a decade ago but I can understand why they are a lot rarer than they were. It is not easy to verify anyone's identity or affiliation on a forum. Thank you for your reply and glad to see you here.
  25. Blue Nile has a lot to choose from and you can build your own ring by selecting a stone and a setting. You can buy a ring or a loose stone only if you don't like their settings. I find the website user friendly and easy to use. The customer service is excellent and they have a 30 days return period. They also have an upgrade program but you should read the guidelines for more details if you plan to upgrade in the future. Most importantly, their diamond specialists are salaried (no commission) and are genuinely happy to help. You can always come back here if you have more questions or need an expert advice. I'm not affiliated with Blue Nile and this review is based on my own personal experience. Diamond Search - Top Quality, Ethically Sourced | Blue Nile Zales, Macy's and other mall jewelry stores are not good value for money in my opinion and the options are very limited.
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