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  1. nkc

    Well cut diamond?

    Thank you for your honesty.
  2. nkc

    Yellow Diamonds and Fluorescence

    I'm not clear on the sentence above. If FIY covers a wide range, how do I know where a diamond falls within this range and how do I determine the impact of the medium blue fluorescence on this diamond?
  3. How much of an impact does Medium Blue or faint fluorescence have on the color of Fancy Intense yellow diamonds? What % price reduction should I expect to see if a FIY has medium fluorescence? Would this still be a concern in Vivid Yellow diamonds? This question assumes that the diamonds are graded by GIA. Thank you,
  4. Silver jewelry comes in a box similar to what you described. However, non silver jewelry comes in a suede box plus the outer Tiffany blue box. Like others suggested, you can ask the store. Make sure to mention that you bought the band for your wedding. I doubt they'll say no and this is why I love Tiffany. They will not sell you a box but they might give you one since you bought the band directly from them. If you don't have luck with the store, you can always call customer service and ask nicely. Good luck.
  5. nkc

    Who is Ella Pricescope Moderator?

    I asked if I'm allowed to mention another forum before I posted this. I also saw several older similar posts here. When I saw other members on this forum describe their experience and what goes on at Pricescope, I did not think they were tacky. I just felt that this forum is transparent and admired Hermann for giving people the freedom to say what they think. I respect your opinion but don't agree that what I'm doing is disrespectful. At least, it is not my intention to be disrespectful. I assume you're on Pricescope for a reason and it's not just a hobby. Knowing that this forum has private messages, it appears to me that it would be more appropriate to send a member a private message if you believe that they're doing something wrong. Thank you,
  6. nkc

    Who is Ella Pricescope Moderator?

    Hi Denverappraiser, No, this is not a question to ask on Pricescope and I think a lot of people know why. While I respect the opinion of everyone, I feel that there is a conflict of interest if one is on PS vendors list. I'm aware of what a moderator is supposed to do but my question is not about the roles and responsibilities of a moderator. I was not on any forum a decade ago but I can understand why they are a lot rarer than they were. It is not easy to verify anyone's identity or affiliation on a forum. Thank you for your reply and glad to see you here.
  7. Blue Nile has a lot to choose from and you can build your own ring by selecting a stone and a setting. You can buy a ring or a loose stone only if you don't like their settings. I find the website user friendly and easy to use. The customer service is excellent and they have a 30 days return period. They also have an upgrade program but you should read the guidelines for more details if you plan to upgrade in the future. Most importantly, their diamond specialists are salaried (no commission) and are genuinely happy to help. You can always come back here if you have more questions or need an expert advice. I'm not affiliated with Blue Nile and this review is based on my own personal experience. Diamond Search - Top Quality, Ethically Sourced | Blue Nile Zales, Macy's and other mall jewelry stores are not good value for money in my opinion and the options are very limited.
  8. nkc

    Who is Ella Pricescope Moderator?

    The Pricescope "jewel of the week" is a Faberge egg. The owner bought 20x0.3 to 0.35 diamonds from Whiteflash (PS vender) the same week she bought and posted a picture of the egg. She indicated that she plans to buy more diamonds from Whiteflash in the future to make a bracelet. This is not an issue but just an observation. 🙂
  9. Please share your experience and reviews. I realize that some members here are PS vendors so I doubt that they will be able to speak freely. When did Blue Nile become one of PS vendors?
  10. nkc

    Investing In Diamonds

    Yes, based on the link you sent, Lab diamonds are also called synthetic diamonds. Regardless of the name, I would not invest in diamonds due to many other reasons in addition to the presence and/ or future advancement of lab diamonds.
  11. nkc

    Investing In Diamonds

    But, we're not talking about synthetic diamonds here. Lab diamonds are not synthetic diamonds and, as I understand, are indistinguishable from mined diamonds. True that it does not seem possible to create diamonds at home. But this is what we know today. There's no telling what will be discovered in the future. We might never be able to make diamonds at home but the technology will definitely improve and the cost will go down. People in the old days never though it is possible to go to the moon. Solar cells were not as efficient as they are today, etc. May be these are not good examples but I'm trying to say that technology will have an impact on diamond prices and I would never invest in diamonds. That does not mean I will never buy a diamond.
  12. nkc

    Investing In Diamonds

    I know nothing about this but would never invest in diamonds. Lab diamonds are becoming more popular and, as I understand, are indistinguishable. As technology evolves, better quality diamonds will be available for relatively low prices. This will definitely have an impact on the price of mined diamonds. We all heard about old computers and punch cards and some people have seen and used them. Now, our phones are small computers that we can carry in our pockets. One day, we might have the ability to create lab diamonds at home at a low cost. You never know. This is not an advice but just my personal opinion and I could be wrong. I wish you the best outcome with your current situation.
  13. nkc

    Which 1.3 Diamond Should I Choose?

    True. I said (if the same person) in my initial post🙂
  14. nkc

    Which 1.3 Diamond Should I Choose?

    Thank you for your reply. The environment is unethical there, in my opinion, and this person always steers people to buy from PS vendors. I still remember being attacked several years ago for asking questions about a diamond I wanted to buy. Links to alternative diamonds from PS vendors were sent to me and I was bullied for not complying. Do these vendors pay PS for each purchase a member makes? Or do they just pay a fixed fee?
  15. nkc

    Which 1.3 Diamond Should I Choose?

    May be she's inactive because this is not the right environment for her. I don't know if she's the same person so I asked. Nobody defended me when I was being bullied yesterday and the PS moderator removed what they said and posted that they said nothing wrong. Fortunately, I have screenshots. I don't mean anything negative by this question but would like to ask if you're one of PS vendors. This forum appears to be transparent. I read a post from someone describing in detail their experience and what happens on PS.