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  1. Thank you so much for the resources that you posted. I live very close to New York so this is so helpful!
  2. I live in New Jersey. Zales have specials sometimes but I actually liked some of the rings that I saw at Helzberg that seemed like they were made better. I have a good budget because we are not having a big wedding so we are going to get rings that we really like. If I can go a little under budget and still get a ring that is pretty, that would be good. Some of the jewelers in my area have closed because of the pandemic. I am nervous about ordering online but I have seen some pretty good reviews on some of the rings. Do you know of some online retailers who may have good quality rings? I picked those rings because they are popular in my area. I have a solitaire ring that I have had for a long time and I wanted something different. But I was told that those cluster rings do not hold up well.
  3. Thank you so much for responding. It is hard to know what type of stones to pick and you gave some great information. I like the look of solitaire with small stones surrounding it but I don't want a ring that will not last. You are right about the size of the stones, they are small. I will check out some retailers in my area and see what is available. The prices in my area are out of this world! I have gone to Zales but they did not have what I wanted.
  4. I am engaged but I do not have my ring. My fiance told me that I can pick out the ring that I want but I am not sure about the quality of certain diamond rings. I want a ring that isn't too expensive. I want to go under $7000.00. Here are some rings that I am thinking about getting but I want to ask you all whether or not these are some good choices. 1. https://tvp.ag/0FIKoQ0vDk 2. https://tvp.ag/0DcO3y0vDk 3. https://tvp.ag/0FFZ5O0vDk 4.https://tvp.ag/0AhS5B0vDk 5.https://tvp.ag/0EpQip0vDk
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