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  1. Jewelry should be chosen in stores of well-known brands
  2. I think your jewelry look exceptional as I love rings a lot and have a big collection. I love classic jewelry way too much. Shame I missed it. I always loved all the necklaces and rings my grandma had in her collection, and I was blessed enough to be left with them after she passed away. I'm about to become a grandma too soon, and I want my daughter to remember her son's birth forever. There is nothing sweeter than a personalized name necklace with her name and the baby's name on together with a photo and the date. I'm ordering it right now and will post some pictures.
  3. Nathanwe

    Choosing engagement ring help

    I want to tell you how I did, when I didn't know what ring would like my fiancé. I customize the engagement ring. Furthermore, I asked her what she likes, what type of stone, how big should it be. No, no, I didn't ask her directly, one of her best friends did. So, I bought her a gorgeous and unique ring made of lab grown diamonds. She works in an ONG, and fights for human rights. So, it would be inhuman to buy natural diamonds. She appreciates this a lot. Now, we are married for almost one year, and I will tell you for sure, this is the woman of my dreams. You can find more about lab grown diamonds on They have nice offers at the moment.
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    Can you verify this for me?

    It looks good, instead