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  1. Davide I forgot to mention they were labs so that last sentence you wrote doesn’t apply to these haha. But yes whenever I have bought jewelry or stones it’s usually double boxed and with padded envelope! I really am in disbelief that someone would just plop these in an envelope and send them in their way. It was also Canda- deep southern USA so not a short trip.
  2. I ordered some side stones and they came in a FedEx envelope meant for documents and it wasn’t even padded!!! 😩 Inside was another tiny envelope with some paper with the stones wrapped in. Even worse something obviously happened to the envelope because it is incredibly beaten up and there are holes in it as well as in the inner envelope and the paper in the shape of the stones. That means the stones were under pressure to create those holes. These are a little emerald cuts about 5 x 3 mm. The company has agreed to take them back and send me new ones. They seemed mortified that they were packaged up like that. My question is since diamonds are pretty tough do you think they could really have incurred any sort of internal damage by this? The company said they are probably fine if I can’t see anything obvious through a loupe and they also said thankfully they were not round. I can’t see anything through the loupe but I’m not an expert so I don’t fill mine clean without an exchange. I was just curious about what people in the trade thought. Attaching pictures of the envelopes. That last picture is the inside of the cardboard Fed ex envelope. It actually made holes through that also.
  3. Yes I should have clarified; not a stone that large. Just one with a LOT more brilliance
  4. I'm not an expert but for that price point, you could get a sensational sparkler (probably not pink but maybe brownish pink?). There is no fire in that stone at all. I realize it's all personal preference but I would pass on that one and look for something else.
  5. I thought I would update you. I did decide to keep the ring and have the jeweler to the work. He removed the stone entirely and did more prong work (did not charge me extra for that) and I am very pleased with how it came out. It sits a little bit lower which is good because it was quite high before, and the prongs are tidied up.
  6. The GIA document I posted doesn’t correspond to the picture of the stone. Sorry if I was not clear (no pun intended haha). I was wondering how the Gia doc could have a VS2 grade despite notes of chips and cavity. And I was comparing to the fact that the pic of the stone I posted is I1, but the GIA notes (which I didn’t post a pic of) just say “feather”. But since there isn’t a plot I don’t know where it is or how big of a feather, whether there is more than one etc.
  7. Interesting that a black spot could still be VS2!
  8. Spending too much time on the Internet looking at all these lovely old stones so again a question for you wise people I noticed that many times the GIA report will have clarity features such as bruises or chipping or a cavity yet the clarity grade is still good. For example I am posting a picture of a plot that shows these imperfections yet the clarity is still VS2. I’m just wondering why this is? There’s another stone I saw and unfortunately the report does not have a plot. However it is noted as I1. The notes just say the word “feather“. I do have a picture of the stone but that’s all and I honestly can’t see much. but I do not have a trained eye.
  9. Thank you so much for your valuable input. The ring is a vintage ring so the seller did not make it but they did reset the stone because they took it out to smooth the edges. You’ve given me a lot to think about.
  10. @denverappraiser So the hundreds of dollars in work you describe did not seem to fit because my quote was $120. So I called my jeweler to ask what he means by “build up“ and it does not mean a complete reconstruction of prongs. He told me that the metal in inner part of the prongs is incredibly thin and that if I knock my ring or something the stone will come out. So according to him it’s not just a matter of tightening and his plan is to use a laser to put additional metal and to fill in the gaps. So I guess a better word for him to have used was “thicken“ rather than “build up”. He is not going to even get to it until after Christmas so I have some time to think about it. And I did not see anything off with the baguette but now I will look at the pictures more and/or see if I can go by and look at the ring again since like I said it will be a while before he gets to it.
  11. The saga isn't over regarding this ring so I am back again. Since both commenters, Davide and Denver the Appraiser are both in the trade I would be interested in your input again. Sigh. I noticed the stone was loose hours after having the ring. Upon closer inspection, one of the prongs looked off (see photo). Contacted vendor who said - it may have gotten pulled on something and that my jeweler could just tighten it when I went to have it sized (I didn't opt to have it sized with vendor since I hadn't seen it in person. I took it to my jeweler who told me that none of the prongs are secure. He showed me what he meant under a microscope. I don't have the ring in my possession right now because it is with jeweler, so I googled a picture using "unsecure prongs" and came up with a picture that shows almost exactly what it looks like (shadowy one - again that is NOT my ring but it looks just like that were there are gaps). But the jeweler also basically said that the prongs are about to snap, and that they need to be "built up" in order to secure the stone properly. Anyway, I contacted the vendor who got quite huffy and insisted that the stone was secure upon shipment, inspected by three people, and that it will need tightening but in no way would I need to rebuild prongs as there is plenty of platinum to work with, which he said is evident in the photos. And that my person is trying to overcharge. I am leaning toward my jeweler's opinion because after viewing the microscope, I highly doubt this stone was tight before shipment. I only wore it a couple of hours around the house and didn't knock it against anything; it was all the prongs not just one that was loose. I contacted my jeweler again for some more details, but haven't heard back and they are closed Mon and Tues. I have time to decide what to do because he won't get to the project until after Christmas. Anyway, I realize that one would have to view it in person to really make a call on whether it just needs a tighten, but I am posting more pictures anyway that I had taken just while playing the ring before the loose stone discovery, and wondering what you might think. I had taken a side view which is probably the best pics of the prongs. TIA.
  12. Hard to get a good photo with my phone and on a cloudy day. But it faces up a lot whiter in real life than in the pictures.
  13. SO cool to see the variation! And yes set in the ring it looks so much whiter than loose, though settings can make a difference
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