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    Choosing engagement ring help

    Hi everyone and hope you're all safe and well. Sorry for silly question but thought maybe someone having experience could advise please. My name is Sean from Vancouver, Canada. I'm wanting to buy an engagement right for my wife who's Asian decent, 5'4", ring size of 4.5, petite and office worker. She currently has a wedding ring which is the Tiffany soleste half band platinum and think it has some dimensions of 22 round brilliant (1.3-1.4 x 0.82mm). We're seeking an engagement ring style of a Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring style solitaire round style because of how high the diamond cup sits on the top of the ring allowing a Very Flush fit with the wedding ring. Was searching around saw a good setting at James Allen 14K White Gold Presentation Solitaire (6 Prong) setting and was wondering if this would be a good fit for the current wedding ring, and with diamond specs of round shape, ideal/true hearts cut, F-D colors, greater than 1 carat, VS1-FL clarity? Sorry don't know much about Polish/Symmetry/Lab/Depth/ Table/Fluorescence. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone and stay well.