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    Asscher diamond - ASET and video

    Thanks David!!! I was reading online and it was recommended to stay in colourless range for step cuts. How low on the colour would you go down? I am trying to reconcile against the ASET reference charts for an asscher, would you say it is 2nd raw (good) rather 3rd, Excellent? https://beyond4cs.com/grading/aset-reference-charts/ Clarity - I don't have too much for a preference as long as perfectly eye clean. Canadian requirement is not essential. My dealer just happen to say it is a bonus and not too much more $$$ than what were looking at
  2. Evening everyone I am looking at an asscher for girlfriend. I think it is a great classic design and would like some (expert) thoughts on the diamond https://dyffw9lb8wur6.cloudfront.net/v360videos/h9db5qjo13.MP4?NDUwMA==