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  1. Christian

    Am I over analyzing 0.5 carats? Amateur needs guidance

    Great with some advice on other retailers, thanks for that. Ill look through those as well. As I would rather have a good looking diamond I will take your advice and find something with a premium cut and then ill see which size I can get. Is there huge difference between premium cuts? What I mean is, would it make sense for me to post 3 premium cut candidates in here and get advice or would they all be of such good quality that it wouldn't matter much which one I choose? Again, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  2. Christian

    Am I over analyzing 0.5 carats? Amateur needs guidance

    Hello Thanks for the fast and thorough reply. I have actually been looking at premium cutter/retailers (or at least whiteflash as I heard their ACA are brilliant haha). But I was always nervous about return (in case size is off) to something outside Europe. Would you say I can trust whiteflashs eye-cleanliness even for an SI1 or SI2 when its a diamond of the size described above? Would my amateur eyes be able to tell the difference between #4 and an ACA with same color, clarity and carat? Would your expert eyes be able to tell the difference if it was in a normal setting (no jewelers loupe)? So I went through a lot of articles to learn about cut and what's good and what's not. You said that I might be ignoring some "details" on cut that could make a visible difference. Would you maybe explain what that is for one of the four diamonds, please? If not that is okay as well. I'm already happy that I asked in the first place and that I got this much feedback
  3. Hello I'm looking for a new solitaire ring with a diamond. I thought finding the ring was the hard part. Boy was I wrong, so now I'm here looking for some help. The ring is going to be plain solitaire so no pavé or anything fancy. 18K yellow gold with 6 prongs. But I can manage to find that on many homepages. The big problem is finding the right diamond. What I'm looking for is Shape: round diamond Size: 0.5 carats or close but the higher the better (within budget) Budget: 2700 € in total (ring is 550 €) (could probably stretch budget a bit for the right diamond) No speed requirements although within the next couple of years would be handy. This is a new ring and I can't get the diamond into a ring in my city (it's a small city) so it needs to be both ring and diamond from same supplier. I can see that import taxes to Europe and my country is quite high so finding something within Europe that ships to Denmark is preferable. I don't have a preference for diamond color as I have read that a yellow gold ring will mask the diamond color to some degree. Although I haven't been looking below "I" as I could then start to see a difference on the diamonds (on homepages, I have no clue in real life and in a setting). I'm not superstitious about clarity but I have read that VS1 is safest when you can't see the diamond in person. I have expanded my criteria to VS2 but I think that SI1 is a bit of a risk, or is this a mistake? I have read a lot about cut and that this is the most important of the 4 C's. I would rather have a great looking small diamond than a large dull and milky with an inclusion that is noticeable. So H&A would be great but I know it comes with a premium I'm not able to pay. So I have found some candidates (I have links to videos on all of them which can be send on request, but no ideal scope or ASET): #1 1972 € #2 2012 € #3 2263€ #4 2300 € I know I should only post 3 diamonds tops, but these are the 4 candidates I was looking at. Am I on the right track? My own preference is #1, but that is only looking at numbers and clarity characteristics (remember I'm an amateur). So my question probably comes down to: Am I over analyzing these diamonds and which ever I choose would be fine in the ring mentioned above? Or is there something terrible wrong with any of them. Again I would rather have a nice small diamond than a big ugly diamond. Should I maybe consider a smaller diamond with a better cut? Sorry for the very long post. If some information is missing I would be happy to supply it. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thank you