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  1. diamondjewelryguide

    Panicking first time buyer! Any help much appreciated!

    Hello, I agree with davidelevi as he advised, the 1.40ct weight stone is nicely cut, a bit cheaper and bigger than the 1.30ct After all, you are getting nearly 7.5% bigger in size than the 1.30ct diamond. If your final motive is to gift a diamond ring to your girlfriend, then go for the bigger size. Wish you best luck!
  2. diamondjewelryguide

    Can someone review my Diamond?

    Hello, As said by the experts here, it's quite difficult to justify this diamond with some limited resources. But, I have seen the visual again more than 5 times and I came to believe that the diamond has a bit thicker GIRDLE and that might put it under the 'shallow' category. You may know that every diamond has its own limitations while cutting and polishing it. This stone might be brighter and could fall in '5x' if it cut and polished by ignoring 0.80carat final weight. But, to enhance 0.80, the cutter had to surrender with some compromises. Rest, the diamond is good and charming! Good luck!
  3. diamondjewelryguide


    Hello, First of all congratulations on buying a big diamond that is certified by the GIA. Well, a GIA certified diamond has its own identity globally and it assured you of a legit and scientific method of appraisal/testing, in fact, GIA is the mother institute of all diamond grading and appraisal services worldwide. Apart from your diamond, it is a 2.00carat cushion cut diamond with a bit THICK to the SLIGHTLY THICK girdle. I assumed that the diamond girdle is a bit thick to get a perfect 2.00 weight and it must be the reason behind the girdle thickness. However, the diamond has negligible flaws and seems very clean from its center. Even, the diamond polish and symmetry described 'excellent' in the certificate. In all combinations, your diamond is a perfect masterpiece. All the best!