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  1. That stone is no longer available. This one is, and it's in stock. I think it may be the one. $20,500. Thoughts? Thank you! https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=5176263304
  2. Thank you, I think this is the one! I'm going to see it Saturday, hoping to get some pictures today....
  3. I thought this seemed like a good price, no? This is from a "real person" about 2 hours away. Did you say the other ones (4,1, and 2) are better cut? These diamonds go so fast, by the time I want to see them, they're sold! Must be a lot of people looking for similar diamonds!
  4. How does this one look (on paper)? I don't have pictures yet. Are there any red flags, reasons I should not consider it? $22,500 https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=6351456268
  5. Very intersting, thank you! So flourescence is just getting a bad rep....
  6. I was advised that fluorescence is a negative on a 2 ct, G stone. That it would be okay for a smaller stone. Do you disagree? Thank you!
  7. My concern with #4 is the flourescence, even though its faint. Thanks for your valuable input!
  8. I have still not purchased my diamond. I appreciate the input. I'm interested in this stone that is available at online company "With Clarity." Any input regarding this company , and the stone? Offered for $22,600 USD. The GIA report states "Clarity grade is based on clouds that are not shown." Is this standard? The stone looks very clean on the plot, so wondering if it's too good to be true. https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/finestargroup/CertiImages/1367372424.pdf Thank you!
  9. Good idea- what about going from Excellent to VG in cut?
  10. I'm having a hard time findig a 2 ct, round, XXX stone in my price range. Is XXX overrated? Would I really be able to tell the difference with a VG quality, assuming I stayed with a G color, same clairty? Thank you!
  11. General thoughts about this stone? $25,000- Just based on paper, proprtions, etc. I don't have a picture as of yet. Thank you!
  12. I am a total novice, but I have been trying to learn. My concern is the table seems so small, and your diamond may appear smaller than it actually is. Perhaps someone knowledgeable could comment about that.
  13. Is GIA consistent across all their labs? I'm told that GIA in India has a somewhat looser standard than its USA conterpart. Of course, as consumers we have no way of knowing where the stone was actually graded, correct? Thoughts? Insight? The reason I'm asking is there does seem to be a lot of varaition, especially in the SI1 - VS range.
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