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    Help An Amateur :-)

    Hello, Hopefully I am posting in the right section. I am looking to buy an engagement ring. I have already proposed to my fiancé and we are now looking at various different rings. I understand the 4 C's and we have our budget set, but we are struggling to find the ratio and balance between Colour, Clarity & Cut VS Carat (i.e - size). We found 2 really nice rings at one particular jewellers, and they looked great in terms of Colour, Clarity & Cut to our naked amateur eyes, however I was surprised at the 3 Colour, Clarity & Cut grades... BUT maybe these are normal grades? Does anyone have any advice on getting the ratio and balance right of 'Colour, Clarity & Cut' VS Carat, or is it purely personal choice? Here are the 2 rings in which we are looking at, which we both thought it looked great, but maybe the grades are too low? Ring 1 (Round) - Colour: G - Cut: Brilliant - Carat: 3.34 - Clarity: Si1 - Deal Price: €52,000 Ring 2 (Emerald) - Colour: H - Cut: - Carat: 3.37 - Clarity: Si1 - Price: €37,000
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    Help An Amateur :-)

    Ok amazing, thank you. I think I should try and compare a few rings in different categories to see what I like best.
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    Help An Amateur :-)

    Thank you so much for your detailed reply, it is much appreciated. I have attached the report for the ring in which my other half prefers... the Emerald. The ring was advertised at €42k, but they have offered it for €37k. This includes the stone being set on a yellow gold band without any other stones. Really keen to hear your further input and thoughts based on the above.