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    Thank you very much for your response, Davidelevi. I have inserted the GIA Cert. Please correct me if I am wrong. Do you mean I should get the bigger diamond G - VS2 ? G-VVS2 cost $31,470 and G-VVS2 cost $33,440 thank you
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    Big or Best

    Hi everyone.I understand that it's personal preference when it comes to size or sparkle. But I am struggling to make the decision.Should I get the "amazing" and "rare" diamond ? orShould I get a bigger Diamond and it's still as sparkle in naked eyes ?I am getting one of these diamonds for myself. I am Asian and I like 8.8.Which diamond would be better for re-sell ?Please refer to attachments Thank youG - VVS2 - 2.23 - True Hearts - 8.43 x 8.4 HCA: 1.1 . Look Big for its carat weight 2.23 Carat G-VVS2 True Hearts<sup>TM</sup> Ideal Diamond 8824984 - This True Hearts<sup>TM</sup> diamond, 2.23 Carat G Color VVS2 Clarity has ideal proportions and a diamond grading report from GIA G - VS2 - 2.70 - Excellent - 8.8 x 8.87 HCA: 1.6. Look Small for its carat weight 2.70 Carat G-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond 9092931 - This 2.70 Carat Round diamond G Color VS2 Clarity has Excellent proportions and a diamond grading report from