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    Which one should I pick?

    Hi Den, thank you for your suggestion. yes I think I may ask them to see what their opinion is. As we don't get to see the difference between these 2 stones through our computer screen. So his advice or at least his consultants can be helpful in this case Yes both are nice and that makes me confused with the price range. As I don't mind the extra bucks being spent on the Black diamond if it performs superior to the other one. But I would also want to ensure it's smartly spent. Thank you for your prompt response and advice
  2. Zoe Duong

    Which one should I pick?

    Hi everyone, Here come the diamond I have selected that after narrowing down the price and specs. Initially, I intended to purchase the Black by Brian Gavin 0.711 carat - G color - VS-2 diamond. However, yesterday I discovered this Brian Gavin Hearts and Arrows 0.711 carat - I color - VS-1 clarity which technically saves me $700. When putting these two stones side by side I couldn’t even tell the differences between them. The ASET images, sizes, inclusions are pretty much similar. Although one is G in colour and the other one is I in colour, there shouldn’t be much difference unless it is put side by side. Especially when the ring chosen material is rose gold, I’m not too particular on the warmth from the I colour. Now I’m so torn between these two for which one is a better option and worth the money spent. Could anyone please help me and shed some light on these two stones? Thank you.