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  1. Thank you! The fact that I see tens of rings being sold right now with AIG certfification, would lead me to assume there must be people who've had recent experiences with them (either good or bad) and have posted about it, but the fact that I can't find anything about it seems weird. Many sellers (all Israƫli) have a lot of reviews and over 99% satisfaction rating and they use AIG for every piece of jewelry: https://www.catawiki.nl/u/5904585-veredc https://www.catawiki.nl/u/1210459-infinity-diamonds https://www.catawiki.nl/u/8977587 I am not trusting them, but I am curious how this works, and it might be interesting information on anyone googling them.
  2. Dear people of diamond review, Does anyone have experience with AIG labs? This is a link to their website: https://www.aiglaboratories.com A lot of jewelry sold on catawiki has AIG certifications. I couldn't find anything about them on google except from this forum post from 2005: https://www.pricescope.com/community/threads/anyone-ever-heard-of-aig-lab.23515/ Greetings, Olivier
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