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    Should I be concerned

    Yea unfortunately like you said, not many going around so I have resorted to Etsy. But luckily I am able to exchange and return. Just received it today, so it shouldn't be an issue. I started this whole process early so I'm not in a rush, like you said, this one was really cool but unfortunately after getting it saw it might not work. My only concerns (other than durability) was size, I was looking for something in the 9mm long to 7mm wide area in a salt and pepper kite. Not a whole lot of options that aren't ridiculously overpriced. Only paid 200 for this which I can exchange for something similar or just return. I was just planning on getting the stone this year, and finish saving up for the platinum next year. Opinions on this one for a possible exchange:
  2. rellz

    Should I be concerned

    I am planning to stop by the custom jeweler I plan on having the ring made by to double check. But until I have time later this week to get to it. Was wondering what you all thought about this line on the right edge in the diamond I bought. I have 2 weeks to decide if I want to exchange. My partner and I don't really care about grade or price, more so care about look, but this line I found on it is a little concerning to me that it'll grow or cause issues later down the line. Planning on having it set on a double band similar to the last picture attached, would the prong setting cause an issue with that little line on it? I'm really new at this, so any advice (other than go see your jeweler I'm going soon) you guys have would be appreciated. Thanks