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  1. Hello, My plan for an engagement ring was to take the diamond I purchase and have it set in a pave/cathedral setting that will be of white gold (and that would not include a halo). My initial goal was to get a diamond meeting the following parameters: - 3 carats; - Color of "I" or better; - Clarity that is eye clean, (or absent being able to confirm the clarity, of VS2 or better); - In the price range of $16k - $19k. I realized that I would likely have to scale back my carat/color/clarity requirements just a bit to stay within my budget. I have narrowed my search down to the 4 diamonds detailed below (all of which I found online). I would love to get some thoughts on: 1) Are any of these particularly good/bad deals; 2) Are the depth / table % on diamonds #1 and #2 particularly concerning; and 3) Am I likely to find a bigger or better quality diamond at the same price, or the same diamond at a better price if I go through a local jeweler who would have access to Rapnet? 4) Will I able to find a jeweler who will take the time to find me a diamond with a listed clarity of SI1/SI2 that is eye clean, enabling me to get a larger carat size and/or better color for the price I am considering, especially in light of the reduced ability to actually go and look at diamonds in person in light of COVID-19 Issues? Thanks in advance for your thoughts! Jonathan