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    Need Advice, please

    Thank you so very much! I need to do as you said and “quit worrying and wait for it to arrive”. You have greatly relieved my mind, and I appreciate it more than you know.
  2. Kathy1

    Need Advice, please

    @denverappraiser I hope you don’t mind one more question. What do you think of this tool I found online? https://www.stonealgo.com/diamond-details/ It rated the cut quality score as 5.2.
  3. Kathy1

    Need Advice, please

    Thank you so much!! You have relieved my mind greatly.
  4. Kathy1

    Need Advice, please

    Hi everyone. A couple of days ago my husband placed an order with Yadav for a 2.11 carat F VS2 diamond and setting. It’s a triple excellent with 8.13 - 8.20 x 5.12 measurements. The table is 58%, crown angle is 34. and pavilion angle is 41.6. The GIA report number is 1353473779. I’m feeling some anxiety about the diamond, because I keep reading that unless a diamond has very specific numbers it will appear dull and lifeless. I don’t have the experience to know if I chose the best diamond. Would you guys mind giving me your opinion of this diamond? Yadav has a 30 day return policy. My criteria was to get the whitest and the best quality I could get for under $20,000 that has a lot of life and sparkle. They said the diamond is eye clean, but it turns out it’s not in their possession yet. Thanks so much!