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  1. Haha I will for sure! I'll provide an update the day it ships and when I get her reaction
  2. I can't stress enough how much I appreciate your insight and information provided today. I feel like I was about to make a hasty decision but you have some very valid points and I've decided to stick with the 911. I value cut significantly more than the other qualities and while some of the diamonds (806/780 and maybe 745) are fairly nice, I don't think any of them are cut as nicely as the 911. I don't think think resale is even on the table because the only scenario I can see where I would change diamonds is to upgrade in the future if I have more disposable income. In that case, I would just trade it in via JA and their lifetime upgrade policy. Furthermore, the knot is 3rd in priority on the symbols on a diamond that was rated VS2 so I don't think there is any issue with the integrity (which was my main concern). I doubt I will be able to see the knot with naked eye but even if I can, it will probably bother me less than some of the inclusions on the alternatives. Thanks once again for your help! Also, just for reference the 911 was $5910 USD as a loose diamond.
  3. So I posted this thread yesterday to get some second thoughts on a Diamond I had just ordered: James Allen said they can switch the Diamond before it reaches production (which could be very soon) but I need to tell them right away. The following Diamonds are on my narrow list, if anyone can help me pick a replacement (or keep the original) it would be VERY appreciated. My number one important factor is the cut, then colour and then clarity. Price is not important right now. 1.27 Carat I-VVS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-di...excellent-cut-sku-7368745?a_aid=55f8cd4e21a11 1.21 Carat I-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-di...excellent-cut-sku-8270621?a_aid=55f8cd4e21a11 1.20 Carat I-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-di...excellent-cut-sku-8101806?a_aid=55f8cd4e21a11 1.21 Carat I-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-di...excellent-cut-sku-8699970?a_aid=55f8cd4e21a11 1.25 Carat I-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-di...excellent-cut-sku-8540792?a_aid=55f8cd4e21a11 1.20 Carat I-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-di...excellent-cut-sku-8290780?a_aid=55f8cd4e21a11 Right now I'm leaning toward the 8699970 (1.21 Carat I-VS2 Excellent Cut). Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!! Someone also recommended a True Hearts one which is more expensive than the rest but it might be worth it?:
  4. If that's what it looks like I think I found it (in the exact facet that's shown on the GIA map) between 4:00 and 6:00
  5. I think I see what you're talking about near the 1:30, but do you mean the dot that is closer to the centre-right or that area that's right at the edge near the girdle? The GIA map lines up better with the dot but the area near the edge seems more in line with the size of the knot. You're right that the only way to tell is to look at it in person so I guess I've gotta wait until it comes in. My main concern was with the integrity of the diamond and not so much the visual aspect because I'm already having trouble properly finding it on a 40x magnified video so I doubt it will noticeable to the eye (especially since it's a VS2 so it's supposed to be eye-clean). Knowing that the diamond is subject to a vigorous polish and high temp puts my mind at ease. All-in-all I think I still made the right choice as the diamond has most of the qualities I was looking for (emphasis on cut, with minimum I and VS2). None of the 200-250 diamonds in my range had as good a cut (or if they did, it would be a 1.0ct). Thanks for the info I really appreciate it
  6. Thank you very much for posting such a detailed response! That certainly calms my nerves a bit because I thought I had just made a grave error (although they do have a 30 day refund window). As for the James Allen gemologist, it was one of those live chats where you both see the 360 HD video and their rep can move the Diamond around and zoom/highlight. They highlighted all of the other inclusions (crystals/feathers) but didn't highlight the knot so I asked them to show it to me. The rep moved the Diamond around in different directions for a couple minutes, began typing and then stopped and tried moving it again to a different angle but responded saying they couldn't locate it on the 360 video. Nonetheless, they obviously did not have the diamond in hand so I'll inspect it with a loupe when it arrives. My main reason for choosing this Diamond over the other options was that the proportions meet both GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal criteria (dead centre on the graph), has an HSA score of 1.3, and I really liked the crown/pavilion angle combo. From what I've researched, the cut is the most important of the 4 C's and can hide some of the negative qualities of colour/clarity, or in the case of a non-ideal cut it can be an anchor on a good color/clarity diamond. I guess another thing is that if the Diamond was graded VS2 while having a knot, then the knot must not have been that bad or it would be graded lower. I guess that's why it's third on the list of symbols? I was also looking at the Polish being 'Excellent'.. other similar posts I've seen usually have Polish at VG or lower because of the knot so do you think it being excellent also gives some indication on the knot or is that unrelated?
  7. After spending several months looking at 200-250+ diamonds, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased this diamond: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/1.20-carat-i-color-vs2-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-9029911 It was a really hard decision and ultimately I went with the best cut for all of the diamonds in my price range (with limit on VS2 and I). The colour seems good for an I and the inclusions don't seem to be that bad. The table is 58, crown angle 34.5, pavilion angle 40.8, girdle 4.0%, depth 61.3%. There is a knot inclusion and I hadn't realized it might be of any concern since I actually couldn't find it when looking at the diamond on James Allen. I posted on pricescope to get a feel for peoples thoughts on the diamond (cut/clarity/color) and someone pointed out the knot so I started reading up on them. The first couple of articles I saw basically said to avoid all knots but the more I read it seems to be a case by case basis... I just chatted with a gemologist from James Allen and asked them to show me the knot and if it's a concern. They tried for a few minutes to move the diamond around but they told me they couldn't locate the knot to show me. They said the diamond is eye clean and it shouldn't be of concern and they haven't had many complaints about knots before... all of this is confusing and I'm not sure how I never heard of knots being a concern before. I read about inclusions but for a VS2 that looks clean I guess I just assumed no inclusion would be a concern. I've attached the GIA certificate. If the "Key to Symbols" is supposed to be listed in order of significance to the rating (not sure how true that is), the knot is third on the list. All honest feedback on this diamond would be appreciated. I went back and forth between several diamonds even after narrowing down so I'm really hoping I made the right decision on this one.
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