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    Fools rush in?!

    Thank you for your reply. The auction company has been trading since 2014 and do seem to successfully sell a lot of jewellery so that in itself gives me some assurance. The ring was listed as new and I did take the valuation with a little pinch of salt but I’m probably going to at least do point B that you mentioned rather than a full valuation as such. I will check with my current home insurer regarding how they value jewellery and single item limits etc. i was pleased when I won it as when we got engaged/married many years ago something like this was way too far out of our price range - now we are older we can now afford a few of life’s luxuries on occasion. It is going to be a surprise for her but I know she likes this style of ring. Thanks again for you reply
  2. Mrbilbs

    Fools rush in?!

    So I think I may have been a fool. I successfully won an online auction for an eternity ring that I plan to give my wife on our /(th Wedding anniversary later this year. The ring has been described as 18ct white gold Weight: 0.50ct Clarity VS2 Colour G It was valued at £2150 The auction guide price was that it would sell between £700 - £1200 I got the item for £500 - now here’s the rub - the certificate that comes with it is from EDR (European Diamond Report) and looking on here I couldn’t really find anything about them apart from they don’t seem to be recognised that well apart from one post where someone is praising them - but it looked suspicious. Sadly my bus was set to auto bid so I couldn’t retract it. Just wondering what you would recommend I do? Should I get a valuation from a local Jeweller or take it on the chin and assume it’s worth what it’s been said it’s worth (and insure it accordingly)? Pleas be kind as I do feel a bit of an idiot now but just wanted to give my wife a lovely gift.