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  1. Thank you so much, lots of information I will have to consider! šŸ˜ I am leaning towards the 0.814 diamond with a platinum solitaire setting. I will definitely let you know what I go with! Have a great day Davide.
  2. I see, so it would be worthwhile to look into Platinum metal then?
  3. You've been super helpful with this process! I will most likely go with the 0.814 or the 0.891 then. I plan on just having it as a solitaire, so I guess that should be okay. What is the lowest colour grade you personally look for in a diamond for a solitaire setting?
  4. Thank you davidelevi for the response once again. Would a J colour be okay on a white gold setting? I am leaning towards the 0.814 and the 0.891 now just because they seem like a very good deal, along with the 100$ off coupon Whiteflash is offering. I believe I may have edited my post after you responded so feel free to check my last post again if that is the case.
  5. Another correction, I live in Canada so I would preferably like to spend around $3,000 USD on a loose diamond. I did a little more research and here are some diamonds I found that I liked in order of preference: 1. 0.814 ct J SI1 A CUT ABOVEĀ® Hearts and Arrows Diamond $2,786 USD: 2. 0.833 ct J SI1 A CUT ABOVEĀ® Hearts and Arrows Diamond $2,929 USD: 3. 0.891 ct J SI1 A CUT ABOVEĀ® Hearts and Arrows Diamond $3,162 USD: 5. Brian Gavin Hearts & Arrows 0.817 J VS1 Signature Round $3,013 USD: 6. 0.84 Ct. Platinum Select Round H SI2 Round Cut Diamond $2,517 USD: I'm leaning towards the ones from Whiteflash, as they also provide a 100$ off coupon. Is J too low of a colour grade for a White Gold setting?
  6. Hi davidelevi, Thank you for your response. The vendor I am looking at specifically is Blue Nile. I am very new to the diamond search so I do not know exactly what qualifies as an 'ideal' diamond, but the GIA report for this diamond says it is an 'excellent' cut. Is this similar to 'ideal'? Here is the link to the actual diamond itself: From the close-up picture, it seems like there are no inclusions. What I am mainly looking for is a diamond that will shine brightly and have the best light performance for my money. Would this diamond be a good candidate for that despite the depth? Do you have any other recommendations in where to look for an eye-clean, 0.9+ ct diamond with the best possible cut at $3,700?
  7. Hey all, I'm considering purchasing this Round Cut diamond that is Ideal/SI2/J. Everything seems to check out, but the one thing I'm worried about is that the depth is 62.7. Is this too deep? My budget is around 3,700 and I would like to have a diamond that is 0.9+ ct. I believe this is the best deal I will get for this price range. Attached are some documents about the diamond from GIA. Thank you so much!