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  1. Pariketamine

    Looking for advice choosing my first diamond

    Here is a list of rocks I liked in my price range: HPD: 1.58 I VS1 ($12,957) link GOG: 1.34 F VS1 ($14,339) link 1.71 I VS2 ($11,850) link BG: 1.443 H VS1 ($13,640) link 1.68 I VS1 ($13,790) link (Preorder) 1.37 I VS1 ($9,205) link (Preorder) WF: 1.90 I VS2 ($15,725) link 1.708 I VS2 ($14,573) link 1.437 F VS2 ($14,565) link 1.53 G VS2 ($11,975) link 1.368 I VVS2 ($9,596) link
  2. Pariketamine

    Looking for advice choosing my first diamond

    Wow davidelevi! Thanks for taking the time and answering so many of my questions. I think I will go with the shortcut route and buy my diamond from one of those sellers listed. I will search those sites today and update you with what I find. If you think you could procure something similar, please let me know. I’m glad I came to this forum and posted before I pulled the trigger on a diamond that may not have had the most ideal cut
  3. Pariketamine

    Looking for advice choosing my first diamond

    Dear davidelevi, Thank you so much for the continued help with this process. I think I’m starting to understand it a bit more! Now I’m filtering my search to include down to I or J, with any eye-clean clarity. How do I filter for superb cuts? I’ve been looking at Brian Gavin and Whiteflash, but I’m curious to know whether there are other sellers that will guarantee a superb cut. Do I have to interpret the ASET? I looked at a few of the James Allen Hearts and Arrows as well as Blue Nile Astor Ideal but I felt like they still weren’t perfect cuts. This process is quite overwhelming and I think I’ve spent a whole week from morning to night researching this stuff... Thanks again, Pariketamine
  4. Pariketamine

    Looking for advice choosing my first diamond

    Wow, davidelevi. Thank you so much for the information. I really feel like I’m out of my element with this stuff. I did some more research and increased my budget to $15,000. Now here’s my thought process: I’ll be putting the diamond as a solitaire on a rose gold setting. Given this information, should I shell out money for DEF diamonds? What color grade could I go down to without a perceivable difference (I know Harry Winston does only DEF whereas Tiffany does D-I)? In terms of clarity, I was initially set on VVS2-FL since I haven’t been able to get into a store to see the actual rocks, but almost everyone I’ve talked to said I could go down to VS1 without a perceivable difference. So now I’m back to square one—I think I’m going to start looking for the largest rock with a premium cut and VS1. I’m not sure what color grade I could go down to? I’m the type of person who overthinks things...
  5. Hello! I’m 32 years old and live in the northeastern part of the US. With COVID-19 shutting down jewelers, I’ve been looking to purchase a diamond online. I’ve done tons of research and have narrowed my search down to the following diamonds that are ideal by both AGS and GIA parameters. My question is: which of the following is the best bang for my buck? My girlfriend is into designer things (quality over quantity) so I think that would translate to having a more brilliant, sparkling, dazzling diamond than having a large one: Here is what I’ve narrowed down to (I’m leaning towards #2 from James Allen or #1 from Yadav) James Allen: 1. 1.51 F VS1 Round brilliant: $12680 ( 2. 1.3 F VVS2 Round Brilliant: $10510 ( 3. 1.5 D VS1 Round Brilliant: $12330 ( Note - this has medium fluorescence Yadav: 1. 1.4 D VVS2 Round Brilliant: $12770 ( 2. 1.08 E FL Round Brilliant: $9612 ( Thanks for all your help guys! Wish me luck!