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  1. Hey everyone, Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. I'm planning to propose soon and shopping online for a lab-grown, cushion-cut diamond (my girlfriend's preference is lab diamonds for a few different reasons). I am looking at a stone with: 1.51 carat, F color, and SI1 clarity. The retailer lists it as super ideal cut, although I don't see that on the report itself. I've uploaded an image of the IGI report although it's a bit blurry, as well as one of the diamond itself. My question is - will the inclusion on the face of the diamond be visible and make the diamond look bad in person? Obviously the image is magnified by quite a bit, so it may be a total non-issue, but I am a first-time diamond purchaser and am unsure what to expect. I've looked at other lab diamonds in the same price range, and similar inclusions are present on those as well. I would also appreciate any other feedback you think is important based on the report and image. Thanks!
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    Question regarding clarity on a lab-grown diamond

    Here is a link to the actual listing if that helps. I can remove the link once you've had a chance to view it. I don't seem to see a cut rating on any of the IGI reports for lab diamonds (haven't checked on natural diamonds). Is that unusual for IGI? Do the depth % or table % relate to the concern that you have regarding it being a shallow and wide stone? I read online to keep those %'s below 70%, and this stone meets those parameters from what I can tell. edit - I just read through the tutorial which had some nice information on things like the depth and table %. However, I didn't see a chart of what to look for with cushion cut, like there were for some other cuts. Is there another trusted source for what to look for with cushion cut?
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    Question regarding clarity on a lab-grown diamond

    Thanks for such a prompt reply! The website has a 360-video type image, and the crystal does seem to be visible from all angles, at least under that level of magnification. I've uploaded another angle below just for reference. Fortunately, the retailer does offer returns within 30 days with free shipping both ways, and they say the returns are available on both loose stones and rings. I'm curious - is there anything else you can see from the diamond or the report that would concern you about this stone?