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    Advice on Loose diamond

    Found a private jeweler. His price is 4300 cdn. For loose diamond only. Fair price? Thanks for your feedback It looked like it sparkled. Maybe cause it was under a light?
  2. mceeha

    Advice on Loose diamond

    Hi! came across this forum while looking for advice on a loose diamond i've come acrossed. Here are the specs from the GIA Report; Carat: 0.81 Clarity - SI1 Cut - Excellent Colour - F Depth - 63.1% Table - 56% Crown Angle - 34 deg Crown height 15% Pavilion Angle - 41.6 deg Pavilion Depth - 44% Star Length 50% Lower Half - 75% I really just started looking at the 4C's about 2 weeks ago. Everything is very new to me and its overwhelming!!! i'm more so looking to find an answer if these specifications fall under a good fit for an engagement ring. Hope everyone can give there two cents ! 😁😁😁 TIA