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  1. SCAMMERS! I had to INVOLVE LAWYER to get a REFUND for the item of jewelry which has never been delivered. I talked to their representative before placing an order to ensure that the item I want can be delivered before certain date. They ensured me that if the order placed immediately they are going to deliver it on time. When the promised delivery date came, nothing was delivered, so I reached out to support and they told me I had to call the COO to discuss my order. COO told me that the item is delayed by customs, so I demanded a full refund, since they were not able to deliver item on time as they promised, which he agreed. Next 4 weeks after that I tried to reach COO again by phone and email, but he was completely ignoring me – no single response to emails, not picking up the phone most of the time, few times when picking up the phone promising to call me back shortly and never actually calling me back. I managed to get a full refund only after reaching out to the lawyer. Beware that they are located in Florida, so you will have to find a lawyer in Florida and go to court in Florida in case of disputes (read their arbitration agreement on site).